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Huainan hundreds of people hundreds of thousands of housing four years failed   funds Lianduanlie developers — Anhui channel — Angola online according to the Xin’an Evening News reported, "when we signed a construction agreement, spent hundreds of thousands to buy a house, said three years of launch, now four years later, to build a house where it has not been demolition." Yesterday, the people of Huainan Wang told reporters that, like him, the owners have more than and 120 people, had to lower than the price of the market to buy a house in Huainan Wanguo square, and now even the shadow did not see. In this regard, Plaza project responsible person responded that the reason for such a situation, partly because the plan to change, on the other hand, is caused by the company capital chain rupture, is currently actively looking for cooperation, seek funding. Huainan city tianjia’an district government also said that for the masses, they are actively coordinating the matter. Owners spend hundreds of thousands to buy a house, even the shadow did not see my house was originally 3740 yuan a square meter, spent a total of 410 thousand." The people of Huainan Wang Wei told reporters that he is at the end of 2012 with the Huainan Rong Shengxin Ann Plaza project real estate development company signed a joint construction agreement, the original developers promised three years of launch, "it is submitted at the end of last year, but now there is no house built." Wang Wei said, the owners like him there are more than and 120 people, they are through the introduction and Plaza signed joint construction agreement, had to buy a house price per square meter than the market price of 1000 yuan cheaper, and it is a one-time payment of 1629. In July last year, we have to reflect on this matter to the relevant departments to know that the original developers have not even get the land, and now the location of our house has not been relocated." Another owner Cao Bin said that the owners generally believe that the behavior of the developer is fraud. Receiving a reflection of many people, the reporters came to Huainan City Plaza, the project is located in the National Road and Renmin Road intersection in the southeast corner of downtown Huainan, is a popular site. Reporters noted that the plots in the North has been built two buildings, but the owners said that this is the apartments and commercial buildings between the two buildings in the south is very dilapidated houses, there is the location of the house owners. [] the original developers planning changes, the company capital chain rupture house why say the construction has yet to start? The reporter then found the International Plaza project is responsible for troops Huaishan, he said the land planning changes, resulting in the construction of the house had moved to the south, and the South Block demolition and more difficult, and now the company capital chain rupture, the demolition is very difficult, so lead to default. "At the end of 2012, we do so in accordance with the planning, planning and construction of the owners signed the agreement." Ma Huai Shan admitted that these owners are friends and relatives relationship, the price is generally lower than the market price of many. "Our plan is on the northern side of the plot adjacent to national road where it is now built in the two buildings is about the construction of homes, but because the road noise, not through the planning department, so the construction house had to go southward." Ma yam said the move southward for about two years to complete the reconstruction after the demolition, but demolition and trouble. "First demolition of the main changes相关的主题文章: