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Automobiles When you think of a luxury car what brand .es to mind? Is it Hyundai? Probably not, but all that is about to change and Hyundai dealers in Indianapolis believe the Equus sedan will have some major luxury features that will put it in line with top luxury brands. One feature buyers can look forward to is a rear-seat refrigerator. How many parents wouldnt love to have that on the way to soccer practice or on those long road trip where the kids nickel-and-dime us (or should I say quarter-and-dollar us) toward broke at every rest stop and convenience store? This feature would not only be a luxury, but a novelty, as its not something the luxury brands even include. (You can find one on the Ford Flex, though.) Your Indianapolis used car dealer is excited about the Equus V8, 385-horsepower engine. It .es with six-speed ZF automatic transmission. The Equus also will be available in two trim levels the Signature and the Ultimate. Several fun features .e with the Ultimate, like the refrigerator, cooled rear seats (love that for August in the Midwest), front corner cameras and an eight-inch LCD screen with entertainment system for the back seat. (Just one more bonus for those long road trips.) Even the base model is swathed in luxury with leather interior, cooled front seats with a massaging drivers seat, heated wood-trimmed steering wheel, Smart Cruise Control, 608-watt Lexicon stereo and 19-inch chrome alloy wheels. Yes, this is true luxury and from Hyundai. Who would have guessed? I wonder if BMW and Mercedes saw this .ing. Hyundai dealers in Indianapolis think the Equus will .pete with top luxury brand models like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. With a starting price around $50,000 the value is there as well. Hyundai has always aimed for offering customers a lot for their money and they certainly hit the mark with the Equus. This sedan will be marketed to Hyundai buyers as being a great value and Indianapolis used car dealer customers will be pleased with all the features they get for their money. Hyundai has built its reputation and customer base by offering quality vehicles, with a few extras, for a price that matches or beats the .petition. The new Equus will arrive this fall and then we will see how well it truly .petes with the established luxury brands. Personally, I think its going to be a huge hit and bring Hyundai into a whole new market. Maybe the dealers will stock up the rear-seat refrigerator for test drives and give customers the full celebrity treatment. Thanks, Hyundai. This is a really nice surprise, and the cooling seats excellent idea! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: