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"Illegal query message" please point   360 experts to crack after fraud new tricks – Heilongjiang channel: original title: "illegal query message" please 360 experts to crack after fraud new tricks eleven holiday, many people choose to travel by car. It was a long journey, is a violation of the possible cheats is look to allow this opportunity, seize every opportunity, the implementation of crime through the virus link. You take your wife, out of the city, eating hot pot also sang songs, suddenly on the violation. You ordered the illegal search links, and then the money is gone. This is not a movie, but the recent long after the end of what happened in the telecommunications fraud cases around. Figure: criminals send text messages to the implantation of the virus link according to the police, the owner of the vehicle information fraud, disguised as the traffic department to send "illegal notice", and with the virus link. Once the point is open, the virus will be stolen by payment verification code, fraudulent phone banking deposits. Because the car journey Road complex and long, after the car returned after the owners are very difficult to determine whether the violation, crooks seize the psychological state, then the probability is very big. Recently, 360 companies issued a telecommunications fraud big data during the eleven. Data show that: during the eleven holiday period this year, a total of 360 mobile guards for the user to intercept harassment fraud messages up to 16 million, the average daily intercept harassing fraud SMS 2 million 300 thousand. And the eleven period is the emergence of a line with some characteristics of SMS fraud: during the holidays such as flight cancellations, provide a refund, change service name, via SMS to remind the user, usually with Trojan links in SMS fraud. 360 security experts advise users: special unknown links do not point to the money, not letter, meet customer service, law enforcement agencies, claiming to be relatives and friends on the phone, to stay an eye more confirmation. Meanwhile, the installation of mobile phones, such as 360 mobile guards security management software is one of the effective means to prevent fraud. As a means of telecommunications fraud has become more complicated, users also want to improve their level of vigilance and anti fraud knowledge, supporting all types of security products and. In order to establish a telecommunications fraud prevention mechanism to protect their privacy and property security. (commissioning editor Han Tingpeng and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章: