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Legal Immigration Law Hemet – What To Do If You Are Arrested Hemet, CA Immigration Attorney, John Mansfield, explains: One of the most .mon questions I get is "What do I do, Attorney, If I Am Detained or I’m arrested, or I get put in custody." The best advice that I can give you, when you walk away from this video, is only one thingthat is, do not say anything to the either the police or the federal agent or ICE official who took you into custody! Just like in a criminal case, anything you say can or will be used against you. You have to be very careful and I strongly re.mend that you exercise your right to remain silent. You can and very well maybe pressured, threatened, coerced, intimidated to divulge, to give information or to even to sign a documents, you mustn’t do that. You must not give in to the pressure to do that. Trust me, you’ll be sorry if you give in to that kind of pressure. You need to know that you have the right to be silent, to call your attorney, and you also have the right to a bail here. And those are very very important for you to remember and to understand. Because this does involve a serious matter of your freedom and your liberty and as well as your family’s. I can’t tell you how ripped the part of the families get if they don’t handle the situations right. It’s difficult enough if the family member gets arrested and taken away and put into custody handling proceedings and who knows what will happen. However if you handle the initial parts of these properly, you and your family can .e out ahead and prevail and someday we’ll back on this with the great deal and satisfaction and relief that you understand properly. It is very important that you have my number if this unfortunate situations happens to you. Hopefully it won’t. But it’s better to be prepared so I would encourage you to write down my number. Put it on your wallet, put it on your purse, in your car where you can easily access it preferably somewhere on your purse so that if worst .es to worst, you’ll have it maybe you’ll able to utilized it, so we can help you. Hopefully this is been helpful, and remember: know you rights before you undertake something as important as immigration law. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: