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In the end we and the child, who is who’s life mentor? Sohu – maternal little plum elder sister: we will often take various principles and lessons to teach children, so that children understand and learn the truth in life. And we in real life, we will find that many times we are not children’s first teacher, the child is our life in the most simple, the best teacher, we teach children the truth, but the children use the practical action to educate us! And friends to dinner last night after dinner, go home downstairs in the square to see a lovely child, children at the age of four years old, the child walked in front, behind the mother side side in the packaging paper with ice cream, tear off the paper with hand thrown on the ground, when children see mom move, just like my mother said: "do not throw on the ground, to be thrown into the trash, then my mother looked at the child smiled, took the paper to find the trash not throw the last point! Perhaps you have seen similar scenes or has occurred in your body, a lot of the time we are often in the child’s education told their children to throw garbage in the trash, side throw, we often tell their children to cross the road not a red light, but I often looked at the red light to cross the road. When children go to kindergarten, children have a lot of things also understand, in the kindergarten teacher told the children and guide their children to eat garbage into the garbage can, put the mug, tell the child, the red light green line stop work to be polite and not talking loudly in public places, not spitting… The children… They listened and remember the teacher’s words. After returning home will be happy for the parents to show their learning results in the kindergarten, but also has been praised and encouraged parents. But the child soon muddled circle, found in the school thing in life is not the case, parents and other family members often take their children to run a red light, often look at adults throw garbage on the ground, and the family watched outside meal for our waiter serving pour never said thank you, looking at the parents loudly in public speaking on the phone, watching the parents spit……. For a long time the children will feel the education does not comply with the compliance is also does not matter, no one will be for a people around it persist, children lack self-control, they will not go to that one before and after the stick. I remember when I was a child I often heard the lesson is: owe to also borrow things should also pay to break other people’s things, do not covet cheap. I feel that these simple little truth small lesson contains great truth big life, but now there are still many people in the insistence, and really all do well! Because the working relationship, I see the most is the child broke other people’s toys, children because their toy is broken and felt very sad, but also let the parents feel shy for parents, parents do not have any broken toys that did not want to lose the meaning, though probably because this toy is not worth the money or, because it is worn out, and!相关的主题文章: