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In this look at the face of the world, all of you who do transport? Sohu recently your daughter-in-law wants me to buy her Ministry of transport to her, but I don’t know what to buy her car, buy too expensive, I’m afraid she accidentally crashed to me. It seems to think that the Department will not be too poor to buy a "car" and the like. The dazzle how Polo this Taiwan do Rena and this one fit however, feel brand new dazzle are listed for a month, how nobody seemed to mention cars like the old drivers who have come out of the car to talk about feelings. Because I personally want to buy a new wife to dazzle, after all, the new car well, buy her a new is also good, anyway, she is just finished the license plate, the specific models and the like, she would not see where to go. Choose a few cars to her above, there are three hatchback car. She is not selected, preference for selecting Rena hatchback. Asked her why, she said what I do not want to choose, to do the opposite, then I will not go to buy her car!! Ah, ah, ah, love is blind!! But I see 2016 Rena price between 7.39–10.69 million; and I love the new dazzle, 6.98–10.48 million yuan, the price is almost the same; cheaper, choose to dazzle slightly, but I get a low with the dazzle to her, must not miss me. Still feel that the election to give her a comparison, there is a comparison to choose. The new dazzle 1.5E megacool version of CVT 1.4 automatic intelligent we compared Rena prices in the middle, "afraid of her high, suspended in midair" broken, I feel bad, buy low with her, she has a lot of opinions. The dazzle of 87 thousand and 800 yuan, the 86 thousand and 900 yuan, almost!! New people to dazzle with a start stop standard fuel ah, ah!! Ha ha, this is caused by Hyun CVT CVT Rena, 4 speed automatic, can if two cars out of control together, feel is good, it’s a shame to dazzle, have 46 split folding rear seats Rena, of course is no, but he is the three car but the volume of Rena behind the trunk of 454L, the only 326L to dazzle dazzle, if this car to back down, the space will increase; two of the world seems good yo ~ ~ hee hee hee hee also configuration, the dazzle is also equipped with daytime running lights, engine insulation cotton, and the standard VSC, HAC, or TRC, but well, if you are not driving safety, even if these systems can not help myself. Rena is equipped with front fog lamps, and reversing radar configuration we are different, but can be installed. Actually, I said so much, not just in order to give my wife to see, comparison between them, you also come out to talk about their views, new dazzle or election Taiwan Rena good!!! For her work on the generation of walking ~相关的主题文章: