Indulge Yourself With A Sports Car Rental-seaway

Business Have you ever driven an exotic sports car? Have you ever had the experience of cruising down the road in a foreign sports car, feeling the raw power through the steering wheel, and knowing that you are the envy of everyone who sees you drive by? It is a great feeling, and it is a feeling that you can have, if you want to. There are hundreds of places across the US that will rent a sports car to you by the day or even by the week. Yes, it will cost a bit more than the typical Ford Taurus or Chevy Cavalier to rent, but for the unforgettable experience of driving such a fine piece of powerful machinery, it will be worth it, if for no other reason that bragging rights to your friends as well as the wondering eyes of your neighbors when they see that beauty parked in your driveway. What are your options? If you do a bit of searching, you will likely find a business that does sports car rentals pretty close to almost any major city. Finding a Corvette or a Mustang Mach 1 is probably very simple. Even a Cadillac, Range Rover, Hummer H3 or Mercedes Benz would not be too difficult to find. But if you’re going to do this, then do it right. If your tastes are a bit sportier or you want to show off with European sports car flair, you can do that too. For example, you could rent a Ferrari 348 Spider, Ferrari 355/360 (6-speed & F-1 paddle shift), Porsche Boxster, Viper GTS, Prowler, Alfa Romeo, a Jaguar XK, a BMW, the Aston Martin Vantage, or even a Lamborghini Gallardo or Rolls Royce. Just imagine what it would be like to be driving one of those for a few days or even a week. The local streets around your home town would be a totally new experience for you. Think about using that sports car rental to take that new client to lunch one day. Even better, think about picking up your significant other in this beauty to celebrate a special occasion. Hint for you guys: maybe it’s a birthday or an anniversary, but if you make that special occasion the anniversary date of the first time you ever went out with her, the .bination of that exotic sports car plus the fact that you actually remembered that date will win you countless brownie points. Since this is pretty much a premium sports car rental, you can expect premium service to ac.pany those premium prices. Most places will deliver the car to you at the airport or at your hotel. Be sure to make your reservation ahead of time to ensure that the car you want is going to be available when you want it. No, it’s not cheap, but the thrill and the experience will indeed be memorable. Life is short, you work hard, so take the time occasionally to indulge yourself and treat yourself to a taste of how the other half lives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: