Infiniti transparent DI customer service service experience day

When the Infiniti transparent DI customer service service experience day we went to the 4S shop repair and maintenance of the customer service customer service service service is always said, but, what are the customer service service? You might say that it’s not all right. Let us first look at what is the after-sales service? A car must have had a friend’s experience, whether it is maintenance or repair or mention the car to buy insurance, and even passing 4S shop to wash a car, are considered part of the service. Which covers the maintenance and repair of skilled workers skilled workers and the use of professional tools, service attitude of the reception staff and so on, which will directly affect the owners of after-sales service experience. Has always been famous for its excellent service Infiniti, what performance? Let’s wait for the eyes to see! Beijing Xinghua express Infiniti will be the first weekend in September held a grand "dare to love · dare" Infiniti "full transparency" DI customer service service experience day. You will be able to fully understand the customer service to the Dongfeng Infiniti’s "five commitments" — "value commitment" and "quality commitment", "emergency commitment" and "time commitment" and "transparent commitment". At the same time, we experience day to launch limited bargain 500 thousand yuan the awesome policy, more multiple manners, lucky draw, waiting for you to participate. The new standard Infiniti flagship store clean and bright guest Hugh area on the tall hall beautiful bicycle exhibition area beautiful night event name: "dare to love · dare to" Beijing express "full transparency" Xinghua Infiniti DI customer service service experience on time: September 3, 2016 Venue: Beijing express Xinghua Infiniti 4S content: 1 in the shop active clients send a gift; 2 customer service customers into the shop to send a piece of painting; the 3 Infiniti owner donated 2800 yuan service vouchers; 4 in painting customer experience, giving 1 blocks and sheet metal spray paint to 1 dollars; 5 in the four round of positioning of the customer experience, free to send the total four wheel positioning; 6 customers to purchase a new car can purchase vouchers, coupons, coupons Baodaijin continued Baodaijin extension; 7 second-hand cars customers the highest subsidies 10000 yuan, and the assessment of second-hand car Good manners at. The scene and sweepstakes, Infiniti original bicycles, watches, cars etc. you home. When you participate in all activities, and take 9 pictures to send WeChat Jiugongge customers still can get vouchers and coupons Baodaijin extension renewal. To participate in service experience on customer service, let you feel the Xinghua express extreme enthusiasm and meticulous service. Registration hotline: 010-89265666 13146465822相关的主题文章: