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IPhone users should never click on this video! The tragedy of iOS equipment in recent years will appear from time to time some annoying bug, for example, click on a link equipment will be stuck, check some information need to restart the device, similar events recently appeared again, but this time the "arch-criminal" is a video. Demo video, specifically, if you play the video on the iOS device through Safari, the device will slowly die, and the device will eventually become unresponsive. From the EverythingApplePro video can be seen, as long as the broadcast of the "special" video, the device will become Caton up and eventually out of control. It’s not yet possible to figure out why this happens, but it’s been speculated that this is associated with memory leaks that cause iOS devices to be hard to handle. And it’s important to point out that neither iOS 10 nor iOS 5 is immune to it. Thankfully, this isn’t a serious and difficult problem to fix, and you can just reset the device to get it back to normal. For iPhone 7 users, you need to press the power button and the volume key at the same time; for non iPhone 7 users, you only need to press the power button and the Home key at the same time.

iPhone用户千万别点这个视频!结果大悲剧iOS设备近年来总会不时出现一些令人哭笑不得的bug,例如点击某个链接设备会卡死,查看某条信息需要重新启动设备,近日类似的事件又再次出现,不过这次的“罪魁祸首”是一则视频。演示过程视频具体来说,如果你在iOS设备上通过Safari播放这则视频的话,设备就会慢慢卡死,设备最后会变成无响应状态。从EverythingApplePro的视频可以看到,只要播放这个“特别”的视频之后,设备就会变得卡顿起来且最终不受控制。目前尚不能够确定为何会出现这样的情况,但有人猜测这和视频播放时内存泄漏导致iOS设备难以处理有关。而且需要指出的是,无论是iOS 10设备还是iOS 5设备都无从幸免。庆幸的是这并不是什么严重且难以修复的问题,你只需硬启设备就可以让设备恢复正常。对于iPhone 7用户来说,你需要同时长按电源键和音量减键;而对于非iPhone 7用户来说,只需同时按下电源键和Home键即可。相关的主题文章: