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Hair-Loss However never fear, hair loss is reversible, and this reversal can be achieved naturally without the un.fortable side effects that .e from the medicated treatments. All you have to do is target that DHT buildup and you will be able to nip your balding problem in the bud. Sometimes we just cannot help it, it’s in our genes. This does not mean we are at a standstill! By using effective tonics such as Alma oil boiled in coconut oil as well as alma juice mixed with the same amount of lime juice, a great substitute for shampoo, you will promote hair growth and stop hair loss. This is probably one of the best and effective home remedies. Saw palmetto extract is readily available in health food stores. There are shampoo options available as well as supplements. Saw palmetto has been shown to influence testosterone and enzyme production which has a positive affect on the growth of hair. If you are anemic, avoid saw palmetto. Consult a physician before taking if you are on prescription blood thinners. Natural hair tonics – Hair tonics help to renutrify the hair with nutrients as well as thoroughly clean the scalp of excess amounts of dirt and oils. There is various numbers of herbs which also helps to avoid hair fall and gives healthy and strong hairs like ashwgandha; ashwagandha helps to reduce your stress, depression and other mental stress. Also herb like shikakai, aloe Vera, burdock and marshmallow are very beneficial for hairs. Another helpful massage oil can be obtained by boiling fenugreek seeds with coconut or olive oil. Strain the liquid and use it to massage onto the hair and scalp. Aloe Vera which is said to be a boon for treating skin problems and diseases is said to be one of the best remedies for hair growth. It gets rid of the problem of dandruff and lice from the hair and at the same time, makes hair smooth and soft. You can get aloe vera gel from health food stores as well as drug stores. Wash hair as usual with shampoo and then apply aloe vera gel thoroughly in your hair. Keep it for a few minutes and then, wash if off with cold water. Homemade thinning hair treatments can be made from natural ingredients which will not harm your health. Medicated treatments contain chemicals which can get into your bloodstream and cause problems such as sore muscles and headaches. Another problem with medicated thinning hair treatments is that they only mask the symptoms. Natural treatments work with your body’s healing systems to reverse the loss of hair. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: