It is a pity that my love did not touch you, but I never regret loving you zuczug

It is a pity that my love did not touch you, but I never regret to love you to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: a person to listen to have time like the surging waves pushed me now you pushed me away from you, I really love you, but unfortunately there is no love between us because he does not love you, so you humble as dust, so you most willing to pay. You think he’s gonna love you a little bit, if you’re good enough for him. But then I realized that love is not love, love is no way to be trained. I often ask myself this question: what is the meaning of love to listen to his songs, what is the significance to him through the place, wait for him to come to the city what is the significance. Love a person, what is the point? I used to think that love is to make two people are more happy and happy things, but when I stand in this bureau when it was found that people can easily get a happy life is not much. We think that the best thing in the world is love, but only after the discovery of love, in fact, the most wounding, but also love. < 1 > I like Mao Mao for a long time, for a long, long time, I still forget how long I like him. And when I wake up one day and suddenly found that the love I lost all of their own things, and then each other are empty to leave. I had a 15 – year – old apartment in the city’s 24 – floor apartment, and I lived with him for about three years. Standing on the 24 floor, the road and the car is a bit like a toy, I feel how fast can be a slap in the face to seize. Just like our love, like an immature joke. I liked him a long time ago, and he didn’t like me long ago. However, I believe that the Sea sell stone Constant dripping wears away a stone., rotten, believe it Faith moves mountains so I love him. I don’t believe the previous time is the antidote, otherwise how can I year love him, how have never thought of giving up. Later, I know that time really can dilute everything, you do not think that has happened stubborn, but it is time not to. Love is not love < 2 > when I and Mao broke up, he like me to tell him every time before, heavy and not to utter a single word. He asked me, "can we meet again later?" He did not ask why I want to break up, do not ask me what is the reason, every time he made the same choice, for his own. Mao is a kind person, but also very selfish. He obviously does not love me, but will love dearly I pay so much. His kindness is mixed with too much selfish, he wants to keep all the good for him and things, but do not care about the final I want to face the outcome. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll forgive him. This is not because I love him, but because I finally gave up. A man who has been with you for eight or nine years, living together for three or four years相关的主题文章: