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Jiangxi Ganzhou Duocuobingju   let a smile in a poor mountain village — Society — people.com.cn original title: Jiangxi Ganzhou: let the smile in a poor mountain village open bar: poverty alleviation is not "take the money to the so simple things, poverty alleviation cadres only with feelings into the villagers home, know what they are most need. Carry forward the spirit of the Long March, the overall well-off society. For the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army memorial, to better inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, the next 1 months, "China Youth Daily" and youth online journalists will further 13 provinces of Jiangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi and Ningxia (autonomous regions and municipalities), the long march further along the region, comprehensive report these areas of poverty alleviation, the completion of a comprehensive well-off society remarkable achievements. Although the distance between the navel orange maturity is two months, but in Jiangxi city of Ruijin Province Huang Bai Xiang Ao Bei Gangwan Mu orange base, many villagers have been booked in advance business of navel orange. Cypress township is located in the old revolutionary base in Ruijin Beijiao, 10 km away from the city. More than 10 years ago, most of the local villagers rely on the cultivation of rice, peanuts and other crops for a living, more than half of the villagers living under the poverty line. "A few days now." This year 60 year old Deng Daqing talk about life changes, his face has been hanging a smile. Such a smile can be seen in the face of many villagers Huang Bai xiang. And the majority of people in the village, the previous Deng Daqing rely on a few acres of rice barely live. "At that time, too poor, young people are out of work, the village is full of old people and children." Deng Daqing memories. 6 years ago, Deng Daqing was orange, living there have been changes in turn the world upside down. As the first batch of navel oranges in the village people, Deng Daqing tasted the sweetness of the first year. Enjoy the bank interest free loans, 4 times a year, planting technical training, join cooperatives…… Deng Daqing experienced a lot of the first time, but also to achieve the first doubling of the annual household income. "The past year family income of about 10 thousand yuan, now an acre of navel orange about can earn 10 thousand yuan." Deng Daqing seem proud. Bai Xiang therefore also became known for the rich Township, Daqing and he changes Deng Bai Xiang behind, is not accidental. In early 1994, Bai Xiang proposed back in a depression because of barren hills and slopes on the planning and construction of pollution-free navel base. After 12 years of development, the existing base of navel orange cooperatives 16, has concentrated orange park 15 thousand acres, involving 5 villages, 1173 households. "At home can earn money, many young people have come back." Deng Daqing said. Only the primary culture of Deng Luoqing is one of the young people coming back from Daqing. This year, 30 year old Deng Luoqing, who was working on the south to work at the age of 18, Guangzhou has always been the first choice for young people to go out to work to earn money. What did Deng Luoqing culture workers while in line, 1 month salary of 3000 yuan excluding rent, There is not much left. Even so, young people, like Deng Luoqing, don’t want to come back. "I don’t know what to do, I can’t keep myself alive." Deng Luoqing can’t find a reason to come back. "In the past, the village has turned into clean water."相关的主题文章: