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The Jingdong is pushing advertising reality show from 30% users dissatisfied with the double eleven logistics – Beijing, Beijing, October 25, the annual double eleven home appliance business with cats and dogs must fight hand to hand with, fighting the most tragic. Different from usual, this year the first to perceive the smell of gunpowder eleven, was actually a group of Jingdong through the overwhelming distribution of reality show advertising. It is said that Jingdong invested heavily in these ordinary people do print ads, there are about 350 couriers involved, mainly in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other mainstream cities subway, elevator and waiting hall. Similar words: in the eyes of others there are sunny, cloudy, windy and rainy days, in my eyes only "delivery day"; one year running bad more than and 20 pairs of shoes can let everyone know me, this account, value. For the past has been in the logistics, warehousing, distribution of the layout of the Jingdong, which is an important weight in the double winning eleven. After all, in addition to the price, and now users pay more attention to experience and after-sales service. The eleven is about the double electricity business during the Spring Festival, the initiate training every year to spend huge human. If the previous cut prices can trigger a single user, now driving force of this factor is not enough. A single world, then spend a month of receipt, too much hand chop party are not strange. According to the survey data show that electricity providers, users are from different angles to reflect the pain points of the eleven logistics. 10.9% of users believe that the slow delivery of goods is not the main reason for the purchase of double online shopping; 29.9% of people because of the logistics of goods is too slow and have a bad experience in. While 13.3% of people will choose the shopping platform because of the convenience of logistics express service. So, every year the bursting of the dual eleven day turnover figures announced, behind the means that the goods were in a waiting pile up like a mountain hand. The platform really face the coming exam. State Post Bureau statistics, 2015 double eleven period, the entire industry to deal with the mail, express business volume of almost more than 760 million, an increase of 40%, of which the highest daily processing volume exceeded 140 million. A domestic courier company in 2014 double eleven day only outbound thing is a 71000 single, is almost three times the usual, and orders the whole network has reached 30 million 500 thousand, which ranked first in the list of the courier company. Their staff is often no time and energy to participate in panic buying. The problem is that the growth rate of the development of the courier industry can catch up with even more than the speed of the electricity supplier orders? Unfortunately, this is unlikely. Although each will do your homework, but the annual double eleven the end of the day, there will be around the warehouse explosion phenomenon, even the transportation line due to overload operation paralysis. Analysis of the industry, due to the characteristics of the entire domestic express format, the status quo and policies and other reasons, the last mile problem in the double eleven this special moment, it is more prominent. It is said that the last mile in the entire logistics links the shortest distance, but may consume about 30% of the total cost. The NDRC data show that in 2015 China’s logistics costs accounted for the proportion of GDP up to 16.6%, higher than the world average of 5.相关的主题文章: