KFC joined Ali ant payment service $460 million acquisition of Yum Chinese business ssdao

KFC joined Ali: ant payment service $460 million acquisition of Yum China Ali joined KFC business: acquisition of ant payment service business of sina Chinese Yum technology news news September 2nd, yum (New York stock exchange code: YUM) today announced the spring and China Capital Group (hereinafter referred to as "Chunhua capital") and financial services group of ants (hereinafter referred to as "the ant gold service) to reach an agreement, the two together to Yum China investment of $460 million, the investment will be split and yum yum and Chinese simultaneously. The details of the transaction disclosure Sina Technology to business spin off and Yum Chinese Chunhua capital and ant gold suit investment is expected to be completed in October 31, 2016 synchronization. After Chinese, Yum will begin to separate companies listed in New York stock exchange from November 1, 2016, code for YUMC". According to the agreement, Chunhua capital and ant payment service will be respectively to $410 million and $Chinese Yum investment 50 million. 31 to 60 days after the share price to break up during the stock China Yum volume weighted average price for the benchmark, to give 8% discount, and the final number of shares (in the upper and lower limits within the set) depending on the price adjusted again. Chunhua capital and payment service also has a total of two ant group can exercise in five years options respectively according to $12 billion and $15 billion in equity value of the exercise price, the acquisition of each batch of about 2% of the ordinary shares of China yum. Yum Chinese officially split, yum yum Chinese will no longer hold shares, but Yum Chinese need to pay 3% of the royalties to yum. After the split, yum Chinese no debt, the Chunhua capital and ant gold suit will be used for future growth of sponsor company investment plan. Yum also announced that Dr. Hu Zuliu will serve as the founder of Chunhua capital Yum China board of directors non executive chairman, Dr. Hu had previously served as chairman of greater china. Goldman served as financial advisor, yum yum and Chinese Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz LLP served as legal advisor. PJT Partners as an independent financial adviser Yum board. Simpson thacher (Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP) and Fonda LLP served as legal advisor Chunhua capital and ant gold suit. What do the parties say? We always appreciate Chinese Yum business, now look forward with Yum China board of directors and the management of sincere cooperation, give full play to the full potential of the company." Hu Zuliu said. The gold dress CEO Jing Xiandong said, "through this cooperation, our goal is to help hundreds of Chinese is owned by Yum Brands of millions of consumers with world-class mobile payment service. These services include convenient Alipay platform, which will greatly reduce the consumers in the restaurant waiting time; and the membership program can help China Yum)相关的主题文章: