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"King of comedy" the goddess of war started with a new cross-border comedy Sohu Carman Lee entertainment to subvert the image of the most beautiful landlady was " "   Sohu by Beijing TV entertainment news China blockbuster launch of the first file original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition king" will be held this Saturday evening 20:30 ushered in the fifth phase of the program. This program, cross stage will usher in a new group of crossover star, Fu Yuanhui, Li Kun, Liu Hua, Zhou Xiaoou, Carman Lee, Elvis Tsui’s new crossover "high" will bring you a new comedy feast. The "king of comedy" cross-border arena is also the first time to usher in the host community goddess Li Kun, film goddess Carman Lee, the goddess of Jin Fu new swimming Yuanhui three cross-border goddess collective performances, "upcoming comedy the goddess of war tomorrow. Fu Yuanhui shuoxuedouchang well do "disdain expression package" in this week’s "king of comedy" cross stage, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui will join the comedy agent Bai Kainan performed cool mouth crosstalk. As a swimmer, Fu Yuanhui’s first comic show not only let Xiao Shenyang repeatedly praised, but also won the applause and applause of the audience. On the stage, Fu Yuanhui shuoxuedouchang everything, and then sing "Allah help speech" is Muhan mouth, in the end it is directly picked up a white Kennan, help him to complete the "fly in the sky" of the dream, the whole atmosphere pushed to the climax. Fu Yuanhui on the stage confident, generous, unlimited vitality, she bluntly: what is the expression package is not really me, too superficial." And talking about the show, Fu Yuanhui said: performance crosstalk is not easy, more difficult than swimming!" Be studious to practice swimming, conscientiously Cross said, this Saturday "comedian" Fu Yuanhui in the "king of comedy" waiting for you to cross. The poplar roared three sound stage is not Li Kun getting oxygen in this week’s show, Beijing satellite TV actress Li Kun joined the ranks of the guests into cross-border, comedy partner poplar broker for the audience presented a married woman big battle "wonderful show. The poplar abandoned the previous period "sloppily" theme, this topic will work close to everyone’s life. He changed the "hero beauty" configuration, to the works to be down to earth. "Ah!" "Ah!" "Ah……" The program started in less than two minutes, the poplar sad not shed roar resounded through the stage, what happened? It was his daughter Li Kun today to get married, as the father of poplar can not help but sigh: "in thirty years of a small cotton padded jacket off is really a bit does not adapt." The long string of oxygen bag behind poplar is attracted laughter. In the face of such a reluctant father, Li Kun do not want to leave early, but Yang Lin is a strength to her quickly go out. Why would there be such a big contrast between the father and the poplar forest? This week’s show will be announced for you. Douglas Liu Hua turned agent 009 fry Zhou Xiaoou staged burning brain Mission Impossible this program because of the time reason comedy agent Gao Xiaopan "king of comedy" sorry to say goodbye to cross the stage, the stage is taking over the audience known as the "Dao" Liu Hua. Different from other groups or tender or funny.相关的主题文章: