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Leakage of vaccine, the results may be miserable! Sohu one or two children suffering from maternal JE event recently on the Internet there two children suffer from Japanese encephalitis in the intensive care unit for treatment of news, the child was dying, the outcome is not optimistic, netizens are very worried. 1:5 year old girl, September 2016, news of Huaibin County of Henan province 2:9 years old boy, in July 2016, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province two, how will get JE? Arrangement in China August age and 2 year old children free vaccination. China’s mainstream Japanese encephalitis vaccine is a live vaccine, its efficacy and safety are very good, is China’s first approved by the WHO and incorporated into the procurement list of vaccines. It can be said that as long as the child getting vaccinated with Japanese encephalitis vaccine, almost completely avoided suffering from encephalitis. The 2 children suffering from encephalitis of unfortunate events, I would like to ask: whether the child vaccination of JE vaccine? The family situation in Henan Province, the children are very complex, sick children, parents suspected abandoned, current can not be informed of whether children vaccinated JE vaccine. However, according to the children’s family background, I speculate that children not vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis vaccine. Zhejiang Province, the children, I informed of the situation of his vaccination from peers involved in the investigation, feel very sad: a boy suffering from epilepsy because of excellent in character and learning, without vaccination. Zhejiang this child, who lives in Jiaxing, Pinghu. A few years ago, often floating on the Huangpu River in Shanghai pig pig news, mainly from Jiaxing. This time I made a special inquiry, found that the children who have more than 80% farmers in the region of Pinghu pig industry. Why should I raise a pig? Because the pig is a key link in the process of epidemic encephalitis B. Japanese encephalitis spread by mosquito bites, but the mosquito is not natural carrying Japanese encephalitis virus, Japanese encephalitis virus in mosquitoes mainly originated in pigs. When a mosquito bite infected swine JE bite again, people may suffer from Japanese encephalitis. Residence near a farm is a risk factor for infection of JE, the region’s children to be more timely vaccination. Three, the vaccine contraindications, science? JE vaccination in Henan were not sure, do not discuss. Zhejiang children living in high risk areas for Japanese encephalitis, epilepsy without a JE vaccine, the results unfortunately suffer from Japanese encephalitis. So epilepsy really cannot vaccination? No. WHO in 2006 the JE vaccine position paper, to give a high evaluation for the efficacy and safety of our country live JE vaccine, and denied the existence of a causal relationship between the acute encephalitis vaccine after inoculation with the vaccine. The WHO did not mention the epilepsy patients not JE live vaccine. School authority "vaccine (Plotkin ed., Fifth Edition) 371st pages, on the live JE vaccine safety also gave a high evaluation, and put forward a clear live JE vaccine virus in the vaccine will not lead to suffering from encephalitis. "Vaccine science" suggested that pregnant women and immunocompromised patients avoid the JE vaccine, but this was a matter of "theory that there are risks)相关的主题文章: