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Health Learn the safe and correct techniques of cardio kickboxing. Cardio Kickboxing techniques are all the rage in the fitness world today. There is a reason for this. Cardio Kickboxing gives you a great workout and is fun as well. Cardio Kickboxing is also called Aerobic Boxing, Boxercise, Boxaerobics and Aerobox. I went for Cardio Kickboxing after six months of aerobics. I can vouch for its benefits. These benefits include increased strength and flexibility while burning fat. I know that some years back cardio kickboxing barely existed. Today it has invaded health clubs. More and more people want to benefit from this latest fitness fad. I have practiced this new form of exercise for barely over a month and the benefits already show in my body and in my self-esteem. If you are reasonably fit and willing to give it a try, Cardio Kickboxing could be your road to a healthier, fitter life. Let me share what I have learned about cardio kickboxing with you. One basic move is the base move (shifting weight from the ball of one foot to the other). This is good for balance. Another is the bob and weave. The .bination move involves a series of quick punches thrown in .bination. The front kick involves lifting your foot straight out in front of you with toes up. In the roundhouse kick, the legs are swung around until the shoelaces hit the side of the target in front. Lets examine some more moves. The side kick is one in which the foot is lifted up in front of you and then kicked out at the side. If you like to punch, the hook, the jab and the uppercut are for you. My personal favorite is the jab, which involves a quick forward movement of the fist. As a beginner, I was told to keep a few things in mind. In my first class I was taught not to exercise myself beyond fatigue. Do not lock joints or hold dumbbells when punching, My instructor told me. Overextending kicks is always a bad idea, I was told. I realized early on that Cardio Kickboxing is no substitute for a martial arts class. It is meant to be a form or exercise. The advantage is that it is not as violent as a martial arts class and is good exercise. People with medical problems like joint/knee issues should practice kickboxing with caution. In performing cardio kickboxing techniques I advise looking for a simple programme. Start by working out once a week. Alternate between high intensity and low intensity workouts. Warm up and cool down with the main session of exercise. .plement cardio kickboxing with other forms of exercise. Wear Proper exercise gear exercise shorts and t-shirts or tank tops. A sports bra is good for women in training. Drink plenty of water and use a mat and perhaps a sports band around your forehead. Cardio kickboxing techniques have been a godsend to my exercise routine. Heres wishing you the best as you kickbox your way to good health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: