Li Yingchen the United States and the United States currency across the board to turn the Australian

Li Yingchen: the United States and the United States currency across the board to turn the Australian dollar fell steep slope of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The dollar index rebounded strongly from the lows: the United States refers to the upside. The daily chart, the shock rhythm continues, prices continue to fall in front of the amendment. 4 hours chart, the price is subject to suppression of the average system, below the support line at 94.05, is expected in the United States that are still further challenge this price risk. Hour chart, the main trend turned upward, but due to the current secondary rhythm adjustment before construction, rose above 95.15, call the United States that are still need to be cautious. European currency: Euro strong downward adjustment. The daily chart, the exchange rate is above the average system, maintain the previous rebound trend gradually from low. The 4 hour chart, although the collection of solid line, but because of relatively small decline, the overall still maintained the euro rally. The hourly chart, and failed to smooth exchange rate falling below 1.1225 of the Dow point support, the current bull momentum to show the impact force, expects the euro again high of 1.1365 line probability. Pound sterling short-term downward adjustment, but the magnitude is not large. The daily chart, the price is still in the internal shock interval, the average system suppression was slightly punctured. The 4 hour chart, the recent strong momentum of alternating rhythm is more frequent, before the interval is exceeded, expect the pound will continue the trend of consolidation. Hour chart, the exchange rate under strong downward force, obvious support at 1.3250, below this area before the punch to fall further. Commodity currencies: Australian dollar Australian dollar fell sharply momentum. The daily chart, the previous rise greatly, this wave down did not cause too much impact on the current rally. 4 hours, two K-line close out the continuous solid big Yin, relying on the role of the average system remains intact. Hour chart, Dow lows support 0.7650 is slightly punctured, the market outlook is still weaker risk, today there is a game the opportunity to go short, stop in 0.7700, target 0.7540. Asian currencies: US Japan after short-term consolidation rebound again at high. The daily chart, after a slight decline slightly Chonggao again picking up momentum, the average system suppression position had been slightly punctured. The 4 hour chart, the exchange rate fell momentum fierce, because no recent strong support, is expected to beat Japan will continue to weaken the. Hour chart, secondary rhythm adjustment construction failure, attention in 101.50, if the dollar again hit this bit can be considered Ogura short or to wait and see. On the whole, the short-term non US currency to show a certain decline in kinetic energy, today may be appropriate attention to the pound and the Australian dollar. Key financial data and hot events: 19:45 Boston Fed President Rosengren at a breakfast meeting with the economic forecast activities speech 16:30 UK July merchandise trade account, before the value of -124.1 million pounds of 20:30 Canada, the unemployment rate in August, 20 on the previous value of 6.9%相关的主题文章: