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Ling Fang Mara met Holland – World Travel Tourism in the starting point – Sohu # Ling Fang Mara met German # after this is met is also located in the Holland of europe. This is a country famous for its windmills and tulips. It has the most beautiful spring in the world. It also has the immortal culture and art and the fashion of the world. This time, Ling Fang teacher and director to patch still driving through the form of cheese fragrance, rutting imprinted by the new structure inside the sea level under the magical kingdom of Holland. This is a # Ling Fang Mara met Holland #. L Hertz car rental travel travel leader l travel companion, Hertz Beijing time 11:40, we boarded a plane at the capital airport. The Russian transit way, after more than 10 hours of flight, in Beijing the next day 1:00 arrived around the capital of Holland Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) is the main airport of Amsterdam, the general large-scale or long-distance flights will reach Schiphol airport. The first thing to reach the Schiphol airport, is to pick up the car hertz. If you are not with a group of passengers, and think of a foreign country to carry out a deep tour, and really very inconvenient taxi, car rental is the best choice. Ling Fang teacher and Hertz Station manager stores Holland Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (station manager) Marco Vredeveld Hertz Hertz process is the world’s largest and most famous car rental company. Have a variety of models, and provide short-term rental service, daily rental, rent and rent week etc.. First of all, you only need to register the application on the official website, and then book, select models. The Schiphol airport has found the door logo in place of car rental, is Hertz (Hertz) at the airport stores. Ling Fang teacher and Hertz Saskia Laan and Holland Amsterdam Airport Schiphol stores the process will be very simple. First line up at the counter. If your English is OK, will be in accordance with the ID of your own to get the car in the underground parking; this can also be accompanied by professionals to take the car to complete the steps. This is for ordinary users, if you are a Hertz gold member in the global gold store or counter car can enjoy 1: do not line up directly to the VIP exclusive area to take the car, you have rented vehicle berth at the door, immediately take the car on the road. The 2 priority informed global car rental offers the latest 3 in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal and Brazil car, every $1 (or equivalent) can accumulate 1 points gold the application does not need extra any fees, completely free of charge, only in WeChat’s official website for public accounts and can. To the underground相关的主题文章: