Listed companies and defense intends to sell three sets of Beijing real estate candy boy

The listed company intends to sell three sets of days and the defense of Beijing real estate [Abstract] day and Defense announced last night, said the company intends to sell 3 sets of real estate to the public through the newspaper news (reporter Qi Yanbing) real estate intermediary company day and Defense announced last night, said the company intends to 3 sets of real estate to sell through public real estate intermediary companies. This is after *ST Nanjing, Hainan innovation, Green Court investment, and a sale of real estate listed companies. The day and defense announcement said that due to the need of company development strategy and business development, intends to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of investment in Beijing, and the original branch office is located in Beijing city of Chaoyang District purchased three sets of real estate for Beijing will be formed as "idle, improve asset utilization efficiency, avoid the waste of resources caused by idle" the company, decided to sell through public property intermediary companies. Day and defense intended to sell the property in Beijing Chaoyang District, a total area of up to 782m2, are housing: one is located in Chaoyang District Beichen Road 69, 19 floor 1 unit 2201, the purchase of 2009 construction area of 221.59 square meters, assets, book value 4 million 56 thousand and 200 yuan, notice that the price of not less than 6 million 800 thousand yuan; second, Beichen Road 69 No. 19 floor 1 unit 2202, purchased in 2009, the original book value of 7 million 433 thousand and 900 yuan, the proposed sale of not less than 12 million 500 thousand yuan; third sets of Huating garden C block 2 room 204, construction area of 156.58 square meters, the purchase of housing property for commercial housing in 2010, and intends to sell the amount of not less than 7 million yuan. Days and Defense said the sale of real estate is expected to generate revenue of about 10 million yuan, if the disposal of real estate transactions can be completed within the year of 2016, will have an impact on the company’s operating results for the year 2016. Chain of home network information display, Huating Jiayuan residential average price in the sale of more than 50 thousand yuan, individual price up to 70 thousand yuan. Day and day and defense formerly known as Xi’an Investment Holdings Limited, in March 30, 2010 the overall change to "Xi’an days and defense technology Limited by Share Ltd, September 10, 2014 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the main business of electronic information system of dual-use machine and ancillary equipment, electronic products, marine electronic information systems and sensors, electronic systems engineering, computer software and hardware product development, production, sales, system integration, information network construction and technical services. Day and defense reported in the first half of this year, the company total revenue of 78 million 260 thousand yuan, up 683.69% over the same period last year; net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of listed companies to -2170 million yuan, down 40.04%; attributable to ordinary shareholders of listed companies non deduction net profit of -2847 million yuan, down 53.91%.相关的主题文章: