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Liu Xingliang: I am more optimistic about AR- compared to VR, VR and AR technology Sohu, this year the fire was in a complete mess. Among them, and with VR for sheng. A big friend of traditional industries joked that he is frequently heard of VR last year, and during the Spring Festival, up VR aspects. The results of the Spring Festival found that talking about VR is outdated. He lamented that there are two kinds of people are always less on the situation, one is on the old, one is too traditional practitioners in the industry, these two, he accounted for. In fact, whether it is VR or AR, are not new words, nor is it a new technology. There are a lot of applications, but mainly in the military and aerospace fields, the reason is simple, the price is too expensive, only these two areas are not cost. For example, the simulation of a space environment, the value of the VR system is highlighted; for example, to repair a missile, using AR technology will reduce errors and casualties, these times, the cost factor is a secondary cause. Today’s VR and AR, all from the military and aerospace fields flying into the homes of ordinary people, there are four main reasons why I exploded in the "smart: open a new era" a Book of Homo sapiens has been described in detail: 1, the development of Internet and mobile sensors generally use the mobile Internet industry rapid development, popularization and speed intelligent mobile phone, and mobile intelligent terminal equipment number has reached 1 billion units, the VR and AR are popular foundation. More importantly, the sensor technology and product development has made considerable progress. In January 2007, Steve? Jobs launched the apple mobile phone, as the first successful mobile devices equipped with touch screen, it contains tiny sensors, users can rotate in the horizontal direction or vertical direction of the screen, or search WiFi signal is connected with the Bluetooth headset. The phone is even equipped with an acceleration sensor for protection when the phone is falling. Up to now, the sensor has been popular on every intelligent device. 2, cloud computing enables low cost massively parallel computing has become reality? Neumann serial structure system makes the computer can not meet the requirements of the artificial intelligence hardware, but in recent years, the emergence of cloud computing at least partially solved this problem. Conceptually, cloud computing can be regarded as a storage cloud + cloud computing, an organic combination, that is cloud computing = Storage Cloud + cloud computing". The basic technology is stored in the cloud storage and distribution, calculated on the basis of the technology of cloud is parallel computing: large computing tasks split, and then distributed to each node in the distributed computing, the final results were collected after treatment. The improvement of massively parallel computing ability makes artificial intelligence a big step forward. The essence of cloud computing infrastructure is to maximize the utilization of IT investment through the integration, sharing and dynamic hardware equipment supply. This makes the use of cloud computing unit costs greatly reduced, very conducive to the commercialization of artificial intelligence operations. 3, machine learning, especially the depth of learning technology is the core and foundation of artificial intelligence.相关的主题文章: