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Loan routine depth! Back loan can make a lot of money? In the face of loans, many people can not afford the loan is rejected the pain, but Xiaobian think, compared with others, the loan is denied or small, encountered some "pit", you may be rejected than sad. Back then, the loan routines so much, as eating melon masses, why are you always pit it? Xiao Bian officially unlocked the loan of the four routines, the next to see, be sure to bypass! A routine: credulous small advertisement, the loan cheat "ID can loan", "unsecured unsecured, fast below 200 thousand", you can often see such advertising? The results go in, did not see what kind of loan, it was a variety of charges brainwashing, early pay a lot of money. Every time the small series in the social news column to see these people cheated, I feel sorry for them! It is only to emergency loans, to solve the problem of funds, the money did not arrive, pocket surpluses have been plundered There is not much left. upside down. You think it’s bad? Swallow this breath! Strive to rights it, time and labor costs is a big problem. Xiao Bian reminder: do not think of being deceived, we must first grasp the formal company does not exist in advance charges, this big rule. Routine two: acquaintances are pits, credit can wash white? "Brothers! I heard your loan was rejected. Or credit problem! I know the acquaintance of the bank, the operation of the operation, credit will be able to wash white. But you may have to pay a thousand bucks to RBI rbi." To tell the truth, every time the loan was rejected, is not around you will come up with a lot of such acquaintances, this is a relationship, there is a way, like a big thing, in their eyes are a little sesame thing. But if you believe, the final result is usually: money is spent, the guest please, but credit blemish is still there, quietly laughing at you! Xiaobian want to say is: credit can not wash white!!! (something important to call three exclamation points) to fill in the information error caused by non overdue, in addition to the early pay up, wait for 5 years to update the central bank credit repair, there is no shortcut. Routine: three styled stalls usury "- a circle, snubbed never borrow money, you have the right product, there is no high interest!" There is ah! Households can, 4, if you want to be able to give you a letter today." This dialogue is not very familiar with, though you feel a little expensive, can not resist the temptation to borrow money immediately, bite the bullet on loan. But the results are not so good, not the loan is not, by all kinds of violent collection, is the interest of usury is too heavy, originally wanted to save the current financial crisis, did not want to fall into another crisis. The new folk lending law has clear provisions on the loan interest rate, protected interest rate of over 24%, more than 36% 24-36% of both parties, to be invalid, such stalls usury, usually from a fire pit into another more harm than good things, the fire pit, Xiao Bian still advise you not to do. Four routines: sleight of hand, back loans can make money? "My friend, do you want to earn quick money? I know some acquaintances with your name to the loan, then the money can be operated into bad or bad, you don’t have to pay, money.相关的主题文章: