Lock throat is what feeling Why Puer tea appears lock throat – Sohu to eat and drink plants war

Lock throat is what feeling? Why Puer tea appears lock throat? Eat and drink tea – Sohu method is not correct, or poor quality, poor quality of tea itself will have some people feel unwell, uncomfortable feeling, and "throat lock" is among the more notable, an unpleasant appeared in the inferior tea drink feel. This period for tea friend analysis: what is "lock throat"? What is the reason for the lock throat? And how to deal with the "lock throat", what is "lock throat"? If the "sweet, moist, alcohol, thick, live, and sand" is a tea excellent degree evaluation factors, factors such as acid, water, thin, Lee, thorn, throat lock "is the evaluation of a bad degree of tea. "Throat lock" is a more likely to appear in the inferior tea is very being uncomfortable, even unacceptable drink feel. More performance for the tea after the throat and even the entire throat feel dry, drink water when it is difficult to swallow, feel the throat contraction, mild performance of the degree of itching, the heavier the pain. Some "throat lock" degree is not very heavy when drinking tea, usually at the beginning of the feeling is not very clear, but a slight pause after a few seconds, slowly from the throat began to feel discomfort, manifested as throat itching, and accompanied by the feeling not much, if any pain, dry throat like a very long time don’t drink the water. If you drink a few cups will seem to be feeling throat swelling, like cold sore throat or throat inflammation feeling, swallowing slobber when will obviously feel the slobber flow. (pay attention to! The above is to feel for tea after doubts try, according to the author’s own experience and meet again some encountered "throat lock" feeling tea exchange, but if Chayou encountered "throat lock" in the drink, please don’t drink! Don’t try it easily! Two, the emergence of "lock throat" reason? "Throat lock" is often in many ways, can be divided into internal and external factors, internal factors such as tea drinkers suffering from pharyngitis, or in during a cold sore throat, if drinking bitter taste heavy tea is very prone to "throat lock"; or tea brewing techniques such as improper. High impact, high tea soup water rushed into the fair cup, it will be easy to produce "throat lock". Tea and the main factors are the following 4 aspects: 1, tea tainted mildew caused improper storage, or storage of high temperature and high humidity air environment, tea is rapidly oxidized, resulting in oxidation is not uniform. 2, in the tea making process after high temperature drying and baking produce fire, tea direct sun drying, tea is not fully dry direct packaging and carry out drying, etc. will appear "throat lock". The 3 part, if improper blending tea will also appear in the "throat lock". 4, part of the old tea, pressed tea type did not fully awake tea, also can produce "throat lock", about the tea in my micro signal: the tea tea tea, said the new method of new and old tea 6480348. Limited space, not repeat them here. Or add Dong said tea No.: dyshuocha view original wake up tea相关的主题文章: