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Look at the digital geeks daily EDC: light travel with enough of these Sohu with the technology track, life began another monotonous pattern. Go to work every day, the day passed. Recently, gradually let oneself slow down, more to find some good about their own life, people will be happy. "Light travel, enjoy life" is probably the most recent state. Nothing else to do, to carry the equipment recently pat on the map. After all, accompany, is the longest feeling of confession. They are also a silent Companion to life. In order to reduce the burden, but also recently replaced a lot of portable equipment every day. Not accustomed to so many things inside his pocket I go out, basically have a bag with. But if the bag is lost, so basically assets are lost. Usually there will be a car key. There are advantages and disadvantages, it is the scope of activities every day, it is so. An easy to go out to work, will not be so nervous, work is also more comfortable. Light travel, allow yourself to enjoy life more, this is the last one. Basically things are here, earlier or three out of the phone every day, I recently put down some. These daily portable products include: Samsung S7 edge, blackberry Priv, Ricoh GR, CASIO watches, Hibbers wallet, dpark bag, LAMY Safari portable card, LAMY pen, snapdragon little box, and a towel (they say out there is toilet paper ticket habit). In S7E, the double card can be used, no three machine every day (with three mobile phone card is also sick, traffic is not enough). Hand residual party streaking two days or silently put up a garbage tempered film, matte set with the benks. NOTE 7 can not afford to buy, and finally all aspects of tangled after the selection of S7E, the performance is completely enough to deal with my daily use, that is, a little slag. Surface screen is really nice, feel good. Overall, this year’s flagship Samsung S7E is still the best. Give it with a matte Benks, fit high, texture is also good, enjoy the new silk ~ BlackBerry Priv, old-fashioned things, really just support the feelings. Know probably know slim is a diehard powder, put down 9900, but every day or have a BlackBerry carry, although Priv is not so BlackBerry. But recently repeated update two packets, 6 of its performance is better than before, so not too horrible to look at cards, fever and battery life is still a worry. Some of the applications will have, I will also be a few basic applications in alternating. It and S7E are the main force, there is no main reserve. Enough on the line, like good. Ricoh GR generation portable sweeping artifact. Although the income is not long, still in a groping stage, but it is small and portable and convenient single hand operation design, gave me a good first impression. Although S7E’s camera performance is also very tough, but in the bar ~相关的主题文章: