Love inequality exposes the identity of the four suspense posters cited expectations

"Love" inequality identity of four suspense posters cited expectations Tencent entertainment news this year the National Archives only a suspense theme "love" ethical inequality in October 6th is about to fully release, the film side for the first time today released a set of "identity" version of Shuai Chi, Gao Yang, character posters, Waise Lee, Li Li four characters, respectively to the story key figures appear in the poster. As a "suspect" Gao Yang stood in the dock, helpless in the face of man; as the plant "victim" Shuai Chi figure was placed on the infusion bottle, he knew nothing about that happened in the world; as Gao Yang defender Waise Lee lawyer in court sat sad; and as Shuai Chi doctor "witness" Li Li eyes firm, seems to indicate that he knows something about the case. What happened between them? Why would a blind girl stood in the dock? What is the truth of the story? Depends on the following four suspense how to crack. Suspense one: Shuai Chi into a plant man is caused by conspiracy? According to the introduction, Shuai Chi plays a role in understanding Gao Yang’s mangnv soon became a plant man lying in the hospital, although on the surface that is caused by traffic accident, but learned from Shuai Chi’s girlfriend left mangnv, and just picked up the treasure ", which is not a conspiracy? Shuai Chi figures on the poster copy is "I can’t move, in the dark, only a voice kept shouting," it also shows that although he became plant male, but he could hear a voice, so if there is a conspiracy, who is? The answer is not to wait for him to wake up to be sure? Two questions: why would become a "suspect" and was sent to the court? Gao Yang’s single version of the poster, she played a "suspect" is standing in the dock, why she would become a "suspect" and was sent to the court? The trailer with previously released the film side, she is taking care of the plant male Shuai Chi, was his ex girlfriend shout "what do you do to her what" point of view, we can’t help wondering what to do, Gao Yang played a really in the film Shuai Chi’s male plants? Is love, or sexual assault or intentional injury? The trailer plant male oxygen tube was pulled out of the lens is also a person, thinking very fear. Suspense three: lawyers and doctors have hidden deep purpose? The release of the character version of the poster, there are two roles, they are Waise Lee’s lawyer and the doctor played by Li Li. The two characters in the poster monologue copy is "I can’t afford to lose, a male rape plant, legal or human relations, this is not possible," I cannot cure, who can not cure male plants, wake up secret plan, is the only secret, why the lawyer can not afford to lose? What will he do to lose? Or does he want to borrow such a bizarre case to prove their value? Similarly, the doctor’s Secret wake up plan is what? There are some hidden deep not to be divulged? Apprehensively four: love or sexual assault? Redemption or crime? The title "love inequality" seems to make the majority of the audience mistakenly believe that this is a complete love, but from the film and the recent release of posters, trailers to see,.相关的主题文章: