Man in the bus to grab the phone and get together to protect the female passengers off (video)

Man in the bus to grab the phone all together to subdue and protect the female passengers get off the bus to grab the phone all the people together to subdue and protect the female passengers to get off the vehicle surveillance video screen. Vehicle monitoring video screen. November 1st Ji’nan times news the evening of October 31st, the event occurred to snatch the mobile phone 41 Road on the bus: a man in the car and tried to snatch a passenger’s mobile phone, then the two dispute tussle together. Driver Zhai Zhaoqun stepped forward in time, with the help of other passengers to control the man and handed over to the police…… That night, Zhai Zhaoqun driving 41 bus traveling from nine to Daming Lake East direction. The vehicle video can be seen in the 21:25, the vehicle to the Daming Lake near the south gate, a man wearing a dark jacket on the car. At that time, not many passengers in the car, the man in the driver’s seat after sitting on the left side for a few seconds, then stood near the front door, and has been observing the surrounding situation. At this point, in the bus on the right side of the first seat, Mr. Fu is on the phone. 21: 27, bus stop, there is a male passenger to get off. The man is still hovering near the front door, there is no sign of getting ready to get off. 21:29, another male passenger got off. At this point, the man began to look back and forth, looked a little uneasy, during which he saw Mr. Fu at the moment, Mr. Fu is still on the phone. After some observation, the man once again sat back to the driver’s seat after the first row of the left row, which is opposite Mr. fu. 21:31, the vehicle to the anchasi Street bus stop. The man suddenly got up and sat down to call Mr. Fu side, the arm stretched from the back of Mr. Fu’s neck, suspected to grab Mr. Fu’s cell phone. At this time, startled Mr. Fu back to God, the mobile phone out instantly, then the two blows up. Zhai Zhaoqun heard two people after the dispute, immediately parked the car and close the door. "This man was in the car, I feel a little wrong, what has been talking about, but could not hear clearly." 1, Zhai Zhaoqun told reporters that at the beginning he thought that the two men are ordinary fights, but heard someone shouting grab the phone, only to find the seriousness of the incident. The time of the incident, Zhai Zhaoqun saw the man again to Mr. Fu rushed past, he immediately reined in the man’s neck to control it, "the great effort, has been struggling, then there are several passengers also came to help." According to the vehicle monitoring video display, in addition to Mr. Fu, Zhai Zhaoqun, as well as a young man wearing glasses has been helping to control the man, the final 3 together to subdue the snatch, and dialed the 110. After 1 minutes, finally, a male passenger car only joined them, and open the front door under the command of Zhai Zhaoqun, let 3 female passengers behind the car. During the period, man is still struggling in the non-stop, Mr. Fu will be taken off the belt man’s feet. 21:40, the police will take away the man. Behind the incident, someone’s man did not have the case was not responsible for the end of 1, the passenger Fu told reporters that the day because the car is coming to an end, he sat in front of the car to the front seat of a friend to call. At that time I saw the man went to the front door armrest, "at first I thought he was going to get off the front door.相关的主题文章: