Mermaid legend Lin Yun November 18th beta endorsement photos first exposure innawoods

"Mermaid legend" Lin Yun November 18th beta endorsement photos first exposure encounter water Mermaid, not fun etc.! YouXi today announced its annual blockbuster products – AIR fantasy online game "mermaid legend" in November 18th will be surging beta. A set of innovative AIR end, the 3D lock free VR large angle, and the three in one large map, with pale Ocean battlefield war detonated. At the same time, let the buddies the long-awaited "Mermaid" Lin Yun endorsement COS according to today’s first exposure, the gorgeous transformation from fat fish, tender and lovely Mermaid, to cool the Gunners to otherworldly mage, variety shape with your experience is not the same forest.   Lin Yun Mermaid turned gorgeous three COS challenge last week, "legend" Lin Yun exposure plane shooting scenes photos, causing the whole network crazy forwarding and hot. Today, Lin Yun turned endorsement photos first exposure, the first is a character in "Mermaid", compared to the beginning of the movie a shy little mermaid Shanshan, is more of a sweet feminine temperament?   in addition to the perfect image of a mermaid, Lin Yun, also played the "gunmen" and "master" in two form personality very contrasting roles, the "gunmen" overbearing and handsome "mage" the detached deductive expression is most incisive, hold to a forest in a variety of shapes, allowed to switch between well, there is no pressure.   look at the poster is not fun? "Mermaid legend" TVC will be released, will you secret "Mermaid" Lin Yun secret. Pay attention to "mermaid legend" official website of micro-blog and WeChat, more Madden announced one by one for you. She is the mermaid endorsement is not an accident in 2014, 18 year old Lin Yun in the movie "Mermaid" role selection contest, with pure, adorable temperament from 120 thousand Li Tuoying to win, and in the movie in shaping the success of their own "Mermaid" image. Many people wonder why selected such a girl to play such an important role in China’s answer is: "she has the characteristics of fish". With Stephen Chow in the movie "Mermaid" superb acting star in the new "star girl" Lin Yun, now acting fast, various big advertising, movies, variety invitations to debut, less than a year has won eighteenth Huading awards, best new actor award for Best Newcomer in the Australian Film Festival, Fifteenth the New York Asia Film Festival Award, Twelfth best new American Film Festival Award four awards, a promising future. Directed by Tsui Hark Stephen Chow, producer of the "West" demon traps will be released in January 28th, Lin Yun has wonderful performances in which will allow the forest of love, friends must not miss.   and the choice of forest to be "mermaid legend" spokesperson is no accident, the first is to allow the forest image have a strong independent personality, and a girl next door like pure and beautiful, and described the background of the game Mermaid coincide; and she has a playful nature, in the shooting is not a break forget to play the game, a "addiction girl" posture; starred in "Mermaid" role for the mermaid interpretation also has.相关的主题文章: