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Millet 5S official: preheating run of more than 160 thousand black technology Sohu – digital mobile phone China [news] not long ago, just broke the news that the upcoming release of the new millet millet 5S will be running a new generation of artifact, run points to reach 164002 points. When people are still talking about true and false, millet phone official micro-blog has personally come forward to confirm. More awesome than rumors, millet 5S official ran a staggering 164119 points. The poster theme of "performance of black preheating technology, up to 164119 of the run of results to warlords. But behind all this should be Xiaolong 821 processor, and LPDDR4 memory, UFS storage space 2 and the latest MIUI 8 system. Millet official hinted that, in addition to performance, as well as black technology. In this regard, we look forward to, but do not want to reproduce the ten big black technology embarrassment. IHS Technology Chinese research director Wang Yang king @Kevin’s diary was reported: "supply chain, millet 5S using ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology, Qualcomm, the sensor hidden in the glass below, not inside the glass cover on the mobile phone. This is the industry’s first ‘Under Glass’ fingerprint recognition phone." And then the news has been millet mobile phone public relations person in charge of Zang Zhiyuan confirmed that this is very exciting, do you think?相关的主题文章: