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Ministry of Commerce: Vietnam’s steel trade relief to China is unfavorable to bilateral economic and trade. Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October (reporter Yu Jiaxin) launched an anti-dumping investigation on Vietnam’s H steel against China recently, and the head of the Ministry of Commerce delivered a speech, pointing out that this is not conducive to the overall situation of bilateral economic and Trade Development (9). In October 7th, the Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam issued an announcement and launched an anti-dumping investigation on H steel formally. The Ministry of Commerce Trade Relief Investigation Bureau said in a statement, China noted that Vietnam has recently implemented a variety of China’s iron and steel products trade relief measures. The Chinese government is concerned about this. The person in charge pointed out that, for a long time, China’s steel products for Vietnam’s economic development, especially infrastructure construction has played an irreplaceable role. It is not the correct direction and way to develop the steel industry in Vietnam, but it is not conducive to the overall situation of bilateral economic and trade development. The responsible person said, Vietnam hopes prudent and restrained, regulate the use of trade remedy measures, in strict accordance with the rules of the WTO fair and transparent investigation, and fully guarantee Chinese enterprises shall have the right of defense. China and Vietnam have broad prospects for cooperation in space and in the steel sector, China is willing to strengthen exchanges and communication with the parties, to properly resolve the current problems facing the steel industry. More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

商务部:越南对华钢铁贸易救济不利双边经贸大局新华社北京10月9日电(记者于佳欣)针对近日越南对华H型钢发起反倾销调查,商务部负责人发表谈话指出,这不利于双边经贸发展大局。10月7日,越南工贸部发布公告,正式对华H型钢发起反倾销调查。商务部贸易救济调查局负责人就此发表谈话指出,中方注意到,越南近期已连续对中国多种钢铁产品实施贸易救济措施。中国政府对此表示关注。该负责人指出,长期以来,中国钢铁产品为越南经济发展,特别是基础设施建设发挥了不可替代的作用。轻率地采取贸易保护、限制市场公平竞争等错误做法,不是越南钢铁产业发展的正确方向和途径,也不利于双边经贸发展大局。该负责人表示,希望越方审慎、克制、规范使用贸易救济措施,严格按照世贸组织规则公正、透明地进行调查,并充分保障中国企业应有的抗辩权利。中越在钢铁领域有广阔的合作空间和前景,中方愿意加强与越方的交流和沟通,妥善解决当前钢铁产业面临的问题。 更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: