More than the concept of environmental protection flooring transformation of SMEs face more problems

Environmental protection floor concept transition of small and medium enterprises face more problems if the enterprise wants to obtain their own floor in a space for one person also need the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore market, to improve themselves by many ways. In the quality of products to spend their minds, but also to spend more on R & D innovation. Environmental protection has become the future trend of the flooring market, it is no doubt that the floor of the enterprise will only be integrated into the health and environmental protection of their own development philosophy, in order to obtain the support and trust of consumers. Currently, the environmental protection of interior decoration materials has become a global trend. Is caused by decoration pollution, more and more consumers to buy the product will floor floor performance of environmental health in the first place, and the floor on the market, E0, in addition to aldehyde, odor, negative ions and other concepts also exploded. Today, in order to fit consumer demand, flooring companies have to environmental transformation, and weak technical strength of SMEs are facing more pressure. The flooring industry ushered in the era of environmental protection with the development of the times, green building materials and decoration is also popular, as an indispensable part of the floor decoration, always with people’s life, so the environmental issues are getting more and more attention. The development of the times and people’s attention, making the whole industry for environmental protection products more attention. The floor is a more mature traditional industries, with the national energy saving, sustainable development policies, many real estate developers will also consider the needs of consumers, environmental protection, low carbon products is their preferred. Under the trend of low-carbon environmental protection, will give birth to a large number of low carbon, environmental protection, the birth of a new floor enterprise, the entire flooring industry will usher in a new era. Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing more pressure from the E1 floor, E0 floor, floor formaldehyde free, then in addition to aldehyde (net aldehyde) floor to anion floor now popular, are in progress, in the development of enterprises in the exploration, development, environmental protection products, but because of the high cost of production, into the stage of marketing promotion cost the funds also need to increase sales, will inevitably bring about the high price. Such as: the procurement to meet the requirements of the floor exhaust waste materials; the purchase of environmental management in the production process; the introduction of advanced technology to upgrade environmental protection products; design for environmental protection products in the late middle marketing; the cost of investment in human resources, increase the cost burden of enterprises.相关的主题文章: