Mother changed the tone of speech, the difference between the educational effect is so big! Sohu –

Mother changed the tone of speech, the difference between the educational effect is so big! 1, when the Sohu maternal child doesn’t want to go to bed? Say: there are 10 minutes of time to go to sleep, the first wash or the first to tell a story? Given the fact that the choice of supervision, not to say: do not go back to your room, so late, do not play, hurry up! I have said it a few times! Children’s voices: Mom and Dad, I do not want to sleep without sleepy. Maybe I want to watch TV, maybe I want to do something interesting. I don’t know what the time is As long as you set the sleeping time, let me observe it, I also had to use the body’s biological clock, I will gradually develop the habit of sleeping time. When you told me "said," I will choose my love to do, and then logical to go to sleep. However, I may be an exception when I was sick. 2, when the children do linger? Said: we have 5 minutes to go, you are dressed, or take the clothes? What do you want to take? Urge — given the facts, selective? Not to say: you are still doing? We’re going to be late. Hurry up! The voice of the child: Mom and Dad, I didn’t realize I was doing, especially in the play I love toys, I have no concept of time. If you say this to me, I will follow your advice. 3. When the child says "no", you can say "no", but I need to hear you say "no". Well, come on, say it. Positive — dear, guide? Don’t say: what children understand, how can you be so stubborn ah, I am for you. The voice of the child: Mom and Dad, when I say "no" when I try my independence, to prove that I am growing up, perhaps, I just can’t accept your teachings, perhaps, when you told me that, "I am learning is not afraid of others, the courage to express their true thoughts. 4, when the child accidentally broke things, said: it does not matter, this time with experience, will not be broken. Everyone will make mistakes, I will, try to fix it. — understanding, thinking, try to remedy? Don’t say: you see you this child, the expensive things again, next time I can buy you? Complain, blame the child’s voice: Mom and Dad, when I broke things, I was very nervous and afraid. When you say this to me, I will feel that you really understand me, I will pay attention to. 5, when the child does not want to care about us, said: children, mother feel that you have something to worry about today. Can I help you? Talk to mom, you feel comfortable. Can you feel that I am worried about you? To help, to ease the mood, the use of empathy?! What’s the matter, how do you ignore this child ah!相关的主题文章: