Mystery company magic leap has yet to launch the product marketing manager has left

The mysterious company Magic Leap has not yet introduced the head of product marketing had to leave Magic Leap marketing director Blaine · Wallace Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on November 7th, augmented reality startup Magci Leap recently lost the person in charge of marketing, but in fact Magic Leap has yet to launch its first product. Magic Leap confirmed that the company’s marketing director Blaine · (Brian Wallace) has left in October, in. Wallace had served in the BlackBerry, Samsung and Google and other companies, and in April 2014 joined the Magic Leap. At that time, Magic Leap has just completed a $50 million venture capital financing. Since then, Magic Leap has completed more than 1 billion 300 million U.S. dollars of financing, investors, including Qualcomm VCs, Alibaba and Google. In February this year, the company completed the latest round of financing, valuation reached $4 billion 500 million. Wallace said in an interview: "I should be engaged in the work, which helped CEO Ronnie · Abbe Fitch (Rony Abovitz) and team building over the years one of the most anticipated technology company. But now it’s time for me to look for other opportunities." Wallace said he would continue to serve as a consultant for Magic Leap. A spokesman for the company said: "the flow of personnel is a normal phenomenon of the company. Wallace has done a great job and has helped the company a lot." (Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章: