Nanjing introduced the most stringent restriction policy experts no longer save late denka

Nanjing introduced the most stringent restriction policy experts: not "save" on the late evening of September 25th, a "Nanjing restrictions: residents have two or more housing units and shall not purchase a new home" message such as "bomb" every drop from the clouds, stimulate the purchase of nerve. Nanjing main city housing purchase policy will be formally implemented from September 26th, the policy will have what effect? Who’s life will change? Nanjing property market really want to cool it? Nanjing is the purchase of second tier city’s most stringent expert: feel the full sincerity "is a network of soil hot shot, a game is crazy and just need to speculators, this policy too timely." Meng Xiangyuan, director of the center for urban and real estate research, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, real estate overheating has been going on for several months, no longer save late. Reporters noted that the clear restriction policy, in the main urban area, has 1 or more housing units and non city residence households, shall not purchase new housing and second-hand housing; the city residence households have 2 or more housing, not to purchase new housing. In addition, the purchase of the policy requirements, the implementation of the purchase of the main city of Gaochun, Jianye, Lishui, Yuhuatai, Jiangning and eight districts, including Xuanwu, Qinhuai, the drum tower, Qixia, Pukou, and other areas, excluding the two regions. "Had already introduced the purchase of the second tier city of Suzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, is not the outer limit of the limit, only non local residents family, is not limited to local residence households, the purchase of the policy in Nanjing is limited and the limit, which limits the field of non residents, and the local residents, in a second the city’s purchase of the policy in the largest, most extensive coverage, the strongest is the second tier city purchase policy." Nanjing real estate development association secretary general Zhang Hui told reporters on the intersection, non local household registration, Nanjing restriction policy is "in the main city area, has 1 or more housing and non city residence households, shall not purchase new housing and second-hand housing, consistent with the Suzhou and Xiamen, Hangzhou. Meng Xiangyuan admitted to reporters, Nanjing restriction policy is not only sincere, but also quite artistic, its artistry is mainly reflected in a number of different measures. First, the new commercial housing restrictions on second-hand housing is not limited, because the proportion of investment in new homes is too high, the greater the market pressure. Two is the geographical difference, Gaochun, Lishui, Liuhe, the purchase of three places. Currently, the price of land prices rising momentum of the most concentrated in the main city, and Gaochun, Lishui and Liuhe three property market price momentum has not yet to the extent of the need to control the purchase. In addition, it is also considering the flow of people in the purchase of Pukou diversion. Second hand housing will rise? Divorce tide return? Expert interpretation of the new policy may bring the influence of the reporter noted, Nanjing the first time purchase policies, on the social networking platform quickly attracted netizens hot, most of which is about impact on the implementation of the new. Time and again the market heavy regulation policy, netizens predicted "second-hand housing prices", "divorce" will come? In this regard, Meng Xiangyuan said that the impact of the purchase of the new policy is multifaceted, which divorce tide inevitable, which is some speculators in order to achieve the goal.相关的主题文章: