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Net sales of homemade –IT– certificate is needed to be a delicacy " original title: net sales of homemade delicacy" required certificates of pure handmade cookies, marinated beef sauce, dried bamboo shoots farmhouse…… These are known to be healthy without adding homemade food in the major electricity supplier and private kitchen platform popular, but behind the food safety risks have been ignored. This month, with the official implementation of the network food safety violations approach, these online sales of homemade food is strictly regulated. In accordance with the "measures" requirements, network operators of food production license shall be made in accordance with the law, undocumented businesses will gradually be repaying the platform. Business: the local characteristic food by the impact of the "measures" clear, food network operators shall obtain food business license or registration certificate in accordance with the law, and in the business activities of the home page prominently publicized its food production license. Network of food trading platform should be made to the third parties to review the obligations of the food and drug administration departments in the record filing within 30 working days. Most operating characteristics of local food shops, after the implementation of the approach is difficult to survive." Alibaba group related business person in charge: "such as Xitang, Sichuan, Gorgon cake beef sauce, salted pickled cabbage, northwest yellow steamed bun, and the local delicacy of small businesses is hard to obtain food or catering business license, many of which have been removed." The responsible person said, before October 1st, failing to obtain licenses from the seller has been repaying the platform. There are still cleaning up the further screening of a fish escaped through the seine". However, like these people do not have to worry about the special delicacy delicious to eat. Reporters in the Taobao search online "mad beef sauce", there are still nearly 400 kinds of goods are available. Sichuan specialty store to sell a letinous edodes beef sauce, for example, in the seller qualification page can clearly see the food business license and food service food safety level. In addition, the "measures" has special provisions for dairy products, health products, food production operators on net sales of health food, special medicinal formula, infant formula milk powder, shall public product registration certificate or registration certificate. Health food should also be marked that this product can not replace drugs. Reporters on the Tmall browse healthy life food franchise stores, modify the official flagship store to see, health products page has been marked "this product can not replace drugs, can not be used for disease prevention, treatment, etc.. Takeaway: three line 8000 line platform businesses operating without a license banned, online food sales have burgeoned. Previously, many unlicensed traders are using online meal ordering platform "trouble", rely on takeaway service earn dirty money and attracted a lot of public complaints reflect. With the implementation of the "measures", now online ordering platform, basically light shine bright card. Takeaway meals is convenient, but not clean, health, and other problems that people complain about foreign bodies. According to the city food and drug complaint monitoring center, the three quarter of this year, the U.S. group, hungry, Baidu three network ordering platform received complaints more than 400 pieces, and even consumers reflect the existence of food spoilage food and other serious problems. According to the city food and medicine相关的主题文章: