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Not all the scenic spots are called World Heritage — Hunan Laosicheng – Sohu tour included time: 2015; in reason: the Tusi system was originated in third Century BC, the ruling dynasty system in minority areas. Yongshun old city as our ancient Tusi system in the heyday of the relics, is a special witness to this rule of Chinese civilization in the Yuan Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty developed the two generation. Our old city is located in Xiangxi County of Yongshun, this is the five giant river town, border town thousands of miles, the Tusi system was abolished in the Qing Dynasty, Wangcheng was the toast slowly abandoned, eventually turned into ruins now looks like, though, our old city is still the largest ancient city ruins, toast the best preserved and most historic home, there are at the site on how magnificent history, what are the moving story, and spread what mysterious folk, these puzzles still need everyone to visit the old city of our National Archaeological Park to find the answer Oh ~ Laosicheng Museum Peng regime Laosicheng the museum is the landmark building of the Park, to our old city site modeled on the hillside, both modern and yet the Tujia customs, in addition to the regular exhibition of cultural relics, also introduced Naked eye 3D, virtual interaction and other new technologies, so that the whole process is both lively and interesting visit. The front part revolves around Peng Tusi regime of the historical (PS: Peng Pro can not miss Oh ~), a piece of cultural relics, a system, a story of the history of the toast together Pang, like in front of us a magnificent epic picture. Our old city from the ruins of the ancient city supplements: Laosicheng museum near Lingxi River, the old chieftain Wangcheng stands on the ground, although the building has disappeared in history, but through the mountain folds of foundation, can still be seen when our old city downtown. Climb the stairs, underfoot is a huge boulder spliced Road, simple and dignified, the remaining houses on the ground beside the road, also spelled out the various patterns with pebbles, showing the wisdom of Tujia ancestors. Move to Yongshun Tusi family Cemetery – Zijin cemetery, several generations of toast on the rest of this, in the grass and stone stone beast stood still partly hidden and partly visible change of history, witness our old city. The water was fun spirit River Spirit river was all around the city, toast Wangcheng moat, now quietly flowing river is still clear, but a visit to another line of our old city site, listen to the Tujia folk songs, take a boat down the river, along the towering cliffs, wall is left on the Wang Shizheng philosophy and poem engraved with toast. Move on, cliff height suddenly out of a number of holes, such as God, the local people called this "fairy hole", small guess these should be left to build the path along the cliff Dynasty Tusi ~ Lingxi river beach shingle, heard the summer night here was a crab catching a good place to love you oh ~ ~ way of life. WeChat: linxi8234…相关的主题文章: