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There was a sincere offer in front of you "once there was a true love in front of me, I did not cherish, until the lost when it was too late for regrets." The "Westward Journey". We have missed many sad things like love, a trip, a promotion and salary raise onto the pinnacle of life opportunities, even once the purchase of the preferential tax policy. Yes, please note that the purchase of 1.6L emission models below the purchase tax cut policy will soon end in December 31st of this year. So, please cherish it, you only have 59 days to grasp. Of course, the pursuit of a good thing, if the good can add more choices, of course, should cherish. Like the BMW 8 1.6L the following cars (New BMW X1, BMW 1 Sports hatchback, innovative BMW 2 touring, BMW 3 long wheelbase version and BMW 3 standard wheelbase version), already waiting for you for a long time. No concept of this beautiful? Why don’t we use BMW X1 for a chestnut. 2016 BMW X1 sDrive18Li style of the official guide price of 286 thousand, then TA no preferential purchase tax should be: purchase tax = × (1+17%); purchase tax rate (10%), a total of $. But now that we have a policy of halving the purchase tax, we only need to pay half of it, so we can save 12222 yuan. Look, 123 days later, we’ll need to pay $12222! What can I do with 12222 dollars? You can go on a trip to travel, you can buy a very good configuration of the computer, you can…… Believe that you know the best place for the money. Today, in addition to this worthy of the discount is placed in front of you, BMW finance is also helping your dream. Now buy BMW, you can enjoy the financial plan tailored for you, to help you make the dream closer! Want to supply less? Can; want to wait for the end of the year award made save? Of course, can also. Ultra low Shoufu, ultra low for months, how do you want to do is also. For example: we all want to have dreams can be realized, love will not be missed, but the boy, who didn’t miss, because we are to grasp the present, so, hurriedly call 6928-6777 consulting, know not to miss you the most beautiful! About BMW brand automobile BMW Beijing express Po BMW motorcycle BMW I BMW M in Beijing area, the whole series of products authorized dealers – Beijing express Hing brand BMW series authorized dealers – Beijing express Xingbao inquiries please to: Beijing express Hing 4S Center Address: Beijing City, Daxing District Xihongmen Zhen Ding Road No. 19 sales call: 400-681-6280 service call: 400-681-6280 the official web site:相关的主题文章: