Function and selection of mixing rod in reaction kettle|Function and selection of mixing rod in reaction kettle

Function and first choice of

reaction kettle stirring rod

reactor mixer a good selection method is best to have two conditions, one is the choice of reasonable results, one is simple and convenient, and these two points are often difficult to have at the same time. Because the viscosity of the liquid has a great influence on the mixing state, it is a basic method to select the size of the viscosity of the mixing medium. The mixer of several typical reactors have different range of use with the viscosity. With the increased viscosity of various stirrer use in order to push type, turbine type, slurry type, screw type and anchored here, to push forward smaller share of large capacity liquid with low speed, small volume of liquid with high speed


commonly used operating conditions:  
;   frame type  



is suitable for high viscosity fluid mixing, heat transfer, reaction and other operation process; characteristics: low shear, high cycle ability, super low speed operation, high energy consumption; stirring speed 60~120r/min.

is divided into elliptic bottom, 90 degrees, 120 degrees tapered cone bottom, anchored, glass lined special anchor structure.


common operation conditions: n=100 ~ 500rpm, v=3 ~ 15m/s 
by baffles or guide cylinder, axial cyclic


typical axial flow impeller, suitable for low viscosity fluid mixing, heat transfer, circulation, solid suspension, dissolution, etc. characteristics: low shear, strong cycle, high speed operation, low energy consumption; stirring speed 200~1500r/min.

is divided into upper and lower inclined structure, if the high-speed operation of the need to bring stability.

open turbine type  

commonly used operating conditions:  

Reaction kettle product characteristic|Reaction kettle product characteristic

Stainless steel container generalized understanding

reactor the physical or chemical reaction, through the container structure design and parameter configuration, achieve the technical requirements of heating, evaporation, cooling and low speed mixing function. The pressure requirements of the reaction process are not the same as the design requirements of the container. Production must be strictly in accordance with the corresponding standard processing, testing and test run. Stainless steel reactor, according to different production processes, operating conditions are not the same, the reactor design structure and parameters are different, belong to the non – standard container equipment.


reactor is widely used in petroleum, chemical, dyestuff, medicine, food and other research projects, to complete the process of hydrogenation, catalysis, polymerization, heating and other processes.


reactor is the comprehensive reaction vessel, designed according to the reaction conditions on the reactor structure function and configuration of attachment, strict control of important parameters during the reaction temperature, pressure and stirring speed control, reactant / product concentration etc..


reactor can be made of stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, C276, sapphire and other materials. The agitator are anchored, frame type, paddle type, turbine type, screw type, self suction, and can meet the special requirements of all kinds of material response. Sealing device can adopt mechanical seal, magnetic seal and other sealing structure. Heating and cooling can use the jacket, coil and other structures, heating methods, electric heating, heat conduction oil, in order to meet the acid resistance, high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other different working conditions of the process needs.

Structure classification and installation of electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle|Structure classification and installation of electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle

Structure classification and installation process of

electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle

electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle mainly through the heat carrier furnace transmission of heat conduction oil heating, is a kind of low energy consumption, high temperature and large volume of the ideal equipment. Mainly used in the dairy and sugar and other elements and a variety of drugs to be mixed after the uniform effect. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle how to classify?

      1, according to the structure can be divided into different forms: open the cover inclined bottom, opening the cover under the conical head, cone head, upper and lower under elliptical head.



electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle how to install?

      1, autoclave should be placed in the room. When the equipment is equipped with a number of high pressure vessels, it should be placed separately. Each operation room shall be directly to the outside or the outlet of the channel, should ensure that the site with good ventilation equipment.

High temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device|High temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device

high temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device





          technical personnel and the East China Normal University Professor returned for cooperation, micro reactor design and production, high temperature and high pressure sampling device, the device and the micro reactor is connected, to realize the sampling and analysis of reactor safety in high temperature and high pressure in the reaction process, fill the blank of domestic manufacturers in the reactor analysis autoclave on-line sampling, to replace the original reactor on pressure valve to many unsafe operation sampling.

Non gaseous on-line sampling device of high voltage

high temperature on-line sampling device relates to a high temperature and high pressure gas liquid solid three-phase reaction system, the sampler is composed of sampling base, like limit rod, gasket, metal ring, gasket, cover and switching device which is arranged in a base of sampling the sampling rod, and a groove is formed, gasket, were placed in the a metal ring, gasket, outside the gland, in front of the sampling rod within the L limit sample channel, the middle part is provided with a transverse cleaning hole at the two sides of the base wall is provided with inert purge and over sampling samples leads to take over, and the inert purge gas pipe is connected with the solvent tank, the imported sample leads to take over with the end of the sample collection chamber is connected to the connecting rod and the rear end of the switching device with sampling. To understand the high pressure reaction kettle on line sampling device, please call the product engineer, welcomed the purchase of micro reactor, customized high-pressure reaction kettle, hydrogenation reactor, laboratory reactor.

The miniature high pressure reaction kettle has been popular in the research laboratory|The miniature high pressure reaction kettle has been popular in the research laboratory

  in the chemical experiment, Mini reactor is a reaction vessel used in the control of the reactor temperature, pressure, speed, is the key to ensure the product quality and production safety.

        Mini reactor , mainly used in medicine, chemical industry, scientific research and other fields, many universities and research laboratories, which must be a kind of high-end precision instruments, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance. Experimental instrument Limited professional R & D and production of micro high-pressure reactor, the product has won the country a number of patents, product performance stability, cost-effective.