Maintenance method of electric heating high pressure reaction kettle|Maintenance method of electric heating high pressure reaction kettle

Maintenance method of

electric heating high pressure reactor :

1 working pressure and temperature operating in strict accordance with the product nameplate on the use of calibration, so as to avoid danger.

2 shall strictly comply with the provisions of the use of products in the specification on cooling, etc., do a good job of equipment maintenance and maintenance.

3 all valves should be used, should slow the rotation of the valve stem (needle), pressure tight cover, to achieve the sealing effect. At the time of closing, can not be too hard, so as not to damage the sealing surface.

4 control instruments should be operated by hand, and in accordance with the provisions set overload protection facilities.

5 should be installed in a rugged, flat on the table, the working table height according to the use of the situation to decide, equipment and the work station must be left around a certain space, so that the installation and maintenance of the late.

6 installed at the drive shaft and the vertical to the horizontal plane, the vertical inclination is not greater than the total height of equipment 1/1000

7 equipment itself in the process of taking over the parts, the reactor safety valve, must be equipped with the requirements of the reactor.

8 after installation to check the connection parts and transmission parts strong reliability, the connecting pipe, nozzle and seal air tightness test and machine to do, no bubble, dripping leaking.

Hydrogenation high pressure reaction kettle|Hydrogenation high pressure reaction kettle

  hydrogenation high pressure reaction kettle

autoclave, professional custom device, high pressure reaction of professional design, professional processing of catalytic hydrogenation reactor, laboratory reactor, automatic lifting control reactor, parallel micro reactor.

I can design and manufacture of dozens of kinds of products with different specifications, this can not show exhaustively to old and new customers, the representative products to the new and old customers to facilitate the selection, hope that the new and old customers call to the factory consultation, we will provide free technical services, provide detailed information and sample selection.

; &nbspGSA system, as shown in figure

system high pressure reactor is the product of many years stereotypes, the first use of the user, but also a regular, more economical main product series. The main material is   (0Cr18Ni9    304    1Cr18Ni9Ti ); (  321    00Cr17Ni14Mo2 ); (  316L  /  two molybdenum titanium), titanium, Hastelloy   alloy,  , Nell;; made of nickel and zirconium, tantalum silver, wood, PTFE, can also be built in   316L  /    /  titanium; Hastelloy   /  Monel alloy   /    /  nickel; zirconium   /    /  tantalum; silver materials & nbsp; /  PTFE liner, etc. can spray corrosion resistant high temperature ptfe.


on the core part of high pressure hydrogenation reactor (ring) is strong magnetic coupling, sealing and stirring device, a plurality of magnets inside and outside the ring made of two powerful permanent magnets; the internal magnetic steel body enclosed in stainless steel sealing cylinder is connected with a stirring part, sealing the cylinder body and a kettle cover, a kettle body, fastening connected to form a static seal cavity, the reaction medium is completely static sealing state, no leakage, pollution and personal danger.; motor drives the outer magnetic steel body, a strong magnetic force without contact through the sealing cylinder body made of stainless steel, with strong magnetic closed on the magnet body sealing cylinder in the other attract and mutual self positioning in axial rotation traction, high temperature and high pressure stirring reaction.


high pressure hydrogenation reaction kettle with static sealing, no leakage, no noise, no pollution, stable operation, simple operation, strong and durable characteristics, compact structure, so it can be in high temperature and high pressure, high vacuum, high speed, suspension, convection condition, the reaction medium completely in static sealing state, high efficiency the reaction safety are inflammable and explosive, toxic, hydrogen, hydrofluoric acid and harsh medium. High pressure hydrogenation reactor unique self lubrication bearing high temperature and high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and avoid.

High pressure reactor seven steps to teach you how to prepare polyether polyol|High pressure reactor seven steps to teach you how to prepare polyether polyol



autoclave seven steps to teach you how to prepare polyether polyol

in the laboratory autoclave more and more today, we see many types of reactors to win the world, but the purchase of the reactor can not complete the test in safe conditions, and successfully make the result we want? The experimental instrument Co. technical engineer, from the following three aspects, for the security technology laboratory reactor, conducted a comprehensive analysis on in the production process, feed speed, feed ratio control or feed the wrong order, are likely to produce fast exothermic reaction, and may produce harmful gases prone to explosion.