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Net exposure table lists around the tea shop in the mainland "banner flag" controversy on the island – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Zhang Wenwen] Taiwan well-known beverage chain store in Ji’nan stores signs, to highlight the internationalization, which is called the "Taiwan" banner, was, as the "Taiwan netizen discussion the Special Administrative Region of the regional flag, sparked controversy in the island. According to Taiwan Union News Network 16 reported that, based in Kaohsiung "GONGCHA tea" chain beverage stores, stores all over the island. A netizen posted photos of friends to buy tea in Ji’nan, tribute tea greatly marketing text "Taiwan photo, below the world of tea" list of stores located around the flag, from left to right "Chinese" ranked first, followed by "Taiwan" and "Hongkong" 11 flag pattern, which is called the "Taiwan" banner, "by the familiar 12 light emblem, 5 stars on the right surround, then about the collocation form 3 to 1 ratio of the red and blue color, looks like the flag of the Republic of China and People’s Republic of China flag fusion products". Reported that the network search, this pattern has been, "which questions for the flag flag of the Taiwan Special Administrative Region in 2015?" One of the options. After the photos were posted, there was no small controversy on the island, and some people made a series of boycott in the company Facebook message. Some suspect this was about 4 years after the national flag of Taiwan, there is criticism, the trademark "tea company tribute tea" was written as "Rong Gong", "can also name" tea "". According to the company’s official website information, "tribute tea" was founded in 2005, headquartered in Taiwan, Kaohsiung, a total of 350 sites throughout the world, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Macao, etc.. In fact, this is not the first time that tribute tea has been disputed by the so-called "Taiwan flag". August 2013 Eastern Broadcasting Network reported that Shanghai ruiou department store signs tribute tea, Taiwan flag pattern is building 101. Tribute tea was explained at the time, mainly due to political considerations, in order to let consumers know that tribute tea is from Taiwan rather than the mainland, so simply use the most representative Taipei 101 pattern. And for this controversy, the tribute tea company but said that prior knowledge of the island, the store is authorized to operate, are now required by drawing paper cover, and please store correction.

网曝台茶饮店在大陆“改旗” 在岛内引发争议-搜狐新闻  【环球时报驻台北特约记者 张雯雯】台湾知名连锁饮料店济南加盟店的招牌列出各地旗帜,以凸显国际化,其中被标注为“台湾”的旗帜,是曾被大陆网友讨论作为“台湾特别行政区”的区旗,在岛内引发争议。   据台湾联合新闻网16日报道,总部设在高雄的“贡茶(GONGCHA)”连锁饮料店,分店遍布岛内外。一名网友贴出友人在济南买茶的照片,照片中大大的营销文字“台湾的贡茶,世界的好茶”下方列出加盟店所在地的各地旗帜,从左至右“中国”排第一,之后是“台湾”“香港”等共11面旗帜图案,其中被标注为“台湾”的旗帜,“是由我们所熟悉的12道光芒国徽图案,加上右侧环绕的5颗星星,再搭配约为3比1比例的红蓝底色所构成,看起来像是中华民国国旗及中华人民共和国国旗的融合产品”。报道称,经网络搜寻,此图案曾在2015年被大陆网友提问“哪个旗子适合做台湾特别行政区区旗?”的选项之一。   照片贴出后,在岛内引发不小的争议,一些人在该公司脸谱留言要展开串联抵制。有人怀疑“这大概是4年后的台湾国国旗”,还有人批评茶饮公司的篆体字商标“贡茶”写得像“贡荣”,“也可以改名叫‘共茶’了”。根据该公司官网资料,“贡茶”成立于2005年,总部设在台湾高雄,全球共350个布点,遍及大陆、韩国、新加坡、澳大利亚和港澳等。   其实,这并不是贡茶第一次因所谓“台湾旗帜”引发争议。2013年8月东森新闻网曾报道称,上海芮欧百货的贡茶店铺招牌中,台湾旗帜图案是101大楼。贡茶当时解释称,主要是出于政治因素的考虑,为了让消费者知道贡茶是来自台湾而非大陆,所以干脆使用最有代表性的台北101图案。而针对此次的争议,贡茶总公司无奈表示事前不知情,岛外的分店是授权经营,目前已要求图样先用纸张盖住,并请店家修正。相关的主题文章:

This big fake what’s different – Sichuan Channel – People’s Web cancam

This big fake   what are the different – Sichuan Channel – People’s original title: this big fake what is different, the 7 day big vacation is coming to an end, how this trip experience, and leave something different? What are the new changes of tourists and scenic spots in Sichuan? Chengdu Commercial Daily Chuan 12 road reporter interviewed scenic spots, traffic and other front-line personnel, launched special observation, in order to provide reference for the later large false trip. Iasi high-speed return peak appeared on the 5 day of October 6th, the province’s major high-speed have ushered in return peak, but the 6 day at noon, Iasi traffic on the freeway is only at about two times, Iasi three high-speed traffic police brigade police told the Chengdu Daily reporter, the National Day holiday this year, Iasi high-speed return peak has been reached in advance in October 5th. This year’s national day, began in October 5th, a large number of vehicles began to return, Iasi high speed ushered in the national day return peak. Iasi high-speed traffic police statistics, only 5 a day, there are more than 30000 times the size of the vehicle safely and smoothly through the police section of asbestos, 10 hours of continuous stick, although Ganhaizi bridge (Chengdu direction) single road traffic, the speed limit is 40, ranking once over 5 km, but the 5 day of the section zero accidents, zero casualties zero retention. Iasi high-speed traffic police remind, dry bridge single road down, 6 day return traffic flow although reduced, to 7 afternoon, Iasi high speed will basically resume normal traffic condition. The public transport of cars, Sanxingdui tourists, "I came from Chengdu in the morning, half an hour to Deyang."." Yesterday, Chengdu citizen Liu Li took his family to Deyang students’ home, and the two people played together in Deyang City stone carving Park and East Lake mountain. Liu Liding made the night train ticket, and after dinner, she and her family returned to Chengdu by train. "Take the 21:30 train back, half an hour back, feeling like in Chengdu by bus through the city."." 3 days before the golden week, the Museum of the Sanxingdui scenic spot to give free of charge for the first 100 visitors by the welfare chengmian Lego rail travel, from the Sanxingdui Museum, "eleven Golden Week" 6 days ago, Sanxingdui 35 thousand and 400 passengers were tourists, an increase of 18.99%. The number of tourists watching Buddha on Leshan Giant Buddha increased from the second day of the National Day holiday, and the peak of tourists came to Leshan Giant Buddha scenic spot. However, compared with the same period in previous years, in from October 2nd to 6th, the number of tourists in Leshan Giant Buddha scenic spot decreased every day. It is worth mentioning that, because the mountain queuing down to the foot of the Buddha takes too long, the boat watching Buddha tourists have increased year on year. According to the scenic area maritime department staff, the past few days, the amount of tourists by boat pier ticket record volume up to a day cruise voyage 400. The tourist volume of Four Girls Mountain scenic spot increased sharply year by year, when the Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008, the provincial highway 303 line Yingxiu to Wolong segment was damaged and impassable. In September this year, the road reconstruction was completed and bilateral release was carried out on October 1st. Four Girls Mountain, a 3 hour drive from Chengdu, has become one of the destinations for many tourists to travel in the golden week. As of 6, 2009 这个大假 有哪些不一样–四川频道–人民网 原标题:这个大假 有哪些不一样   7天大假即将结束,这趟旅行有怎样的体验,又留下了不一样的什么?川内游客及景区有什么新的变化?成都商报全川12路记者采访景区、交通等一线人员,推出特别观察,以期对后面的大假出行提供参考。   ●雅西高速返程最高峰出现在5日   10月6日,省内各大高速纷纷迎来返程高峰,但6日中午,雅西高速上的车流量却只有平日的两倍左右,雅西高速交警三大队民警告诉成都商报记者,今年国庆大假,雅西高速返程最高峰已于10月5日提前到达。   今年的国庆节,10月5日开始,大量车辆开始返程,雅西高速迎来国庆返程最高峰。雅西高速交警统计,仅5日一天,就有逾30000台次大小车辆安全顺利通过石棉段,全警10小时连续坚守,虽然由于干海子大桥(成都方向)单道通行,限速40,一度排行超5公里,但整个5日该路段零事故、零伤亡、零滞留。   雅西高速交警提醒,干海子大桥单道下行,6日返程车流虽有所减少,至7日午后,雅西高速将基本恢复正常交通状态。   ●动车公交化,三星堆游客大增   “我早上从成都过来,半小时就到德阳了。”昨日,成都市民刘丽带着家人到德阳同学家里做客,两家人一起在德阳市区石刻公园,东湖山游玩。刘丽定了晚上的动车票,吃过晚饭后她和家人坐动车返回成都。“坐晚上21点30分的动车回去,半小时就回去了,感觉像是在成都坐公交穿城。”   黄金周前3天,三星堆博物馆景区对乘坐成绵乐高铁前往的前100名游客给予免票福利,来自三星堆博物馆的数据,“十一黄金周”前6天,三星堆共接待游客3.54万人次,同比增长18.99%。   ●乐山大佛坐船观佛游客增加   从国庆假期的第二天开始,乐山大佛景区就迎来了游客高峰。不过,与往年国庆同期相比,10月2日至6日,乐山大佛景区每天游客量均有所下降。值得一提的是,因为山上排队下到大佛脚下需要时间太久,坐船观佛游客却同比有增。据大佛景区航务海事处工作人员介绍,这几天,码头购票乘船的游客量创历史新高,游船运量最多达到了一天400航次。   ●四姑娘山景区游客量同比大幅增长   2008年汶川地震时,省道303线映秀至卧龙段被损毁,无法通行。今年9月,该段道路重建完成,并于10月1日起实行双边放行。距离成都3小时车程的四姑娘山,成为不少游客本次黄金周旅行的目的地之一。 截至6日,四姑娘山共接待游客4.59万人次,增幅在40%。   ●邛海泸山景区: 相比往年更加有序   国庆长假,西昌邛海泸山景区成为川内最热门的旅游目的地之一。2日和3日,西昌邛海泸山景区迎来客流高峰,景区道路变得十分拥堵,车辆从邛海西边的四公里半,一直延绵到邛海东边的缸窑村,车辆排行达七八公里长。   连日来,成都商报记者在实地观察后发现,为了缓堵保畅,西昌交警部门在景区主干道设置了隔离栏,在重要路口都设置了标示标牌,沿途皆有执勤交警。现场执勤交警介绍,相比往年,今年国庆黄金周拥挤依旧,但相比往年更加有序。   成都商报记者 蒋麟 王明平 顾爱刚 江龙 杨灵   原标题:这个大假 有哪些不一样 (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章:

What is a luxury cruise ship to Vietnam experience – Sohu travel k9084

Take a luxury cruise to Vietnam is what kind of experience – Sohu pictorial travel Li Hongyu first stood on the beach in Taiwan Tainan City, a somewhat desolate fishing village, the blue one kind of Haitian attracted me, then have a crush on the sea. I often see the sea, swimming in the sea, also put on a professional diving suit into the sea, every contact with the sea makes me excited. This is a selection of Star Cruises Virgo seven days and six nights of the trip from the sea to go to Vietnam, I feel another sea, a more realistic sea. You can soak in the pool at the stern, passing ships, the blue sky and the boundless sea. Or resting on the top deck chair, as the sea breeze, listening to the sound of the waves. Virgo Virgo (SuperStar Virgo) is the Star Cruises (Star Cruises), a luxury cruise ship, built in 1999. Cruise has a total of 13 layers, the length of up to 268 meters, a width of 32 meters, is a very large cruise ship, large enough to resist most of the waves. Room reservation balcony sea view room, the room is small but very warm, there is a small balcony, there are two chairs, a table, is the vast expanse of the sea outside. The journey countless sitting on the chair, put your foot on the table a, look to the sea, that kind of feeling is very wonderful. Most of the top deck of the cruise ship to spend most of the time on the sea drift, there are many performances on the cruise and a variety of recreational facilities. In all the entertainment facilities, my favorite is the top deck, almost every day to swim, or bubble hot spring, nothing will come around. Can also be on the top deck overlooking Pinglan, in a position to see the other ships are basically a downward angle. What restaurant is called a sea view restaurant? This is a cruise on the sea view restaurant for dinner, the window is the vast sea. Star cruises on the dining environment is great, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from, every day to open your eyes before sleeping, almost uninterrupted supply of all kinds of delicacy. There are a lot of invincible seascape to see the sea, you can walk in the soft sand, can dive into the mysterious sea, also can take a cruise, with another perspective and feel the sea. You can see the sunset at sea, but you may never see it at sea. On the day of the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, Hong Kong, the weather is very good, the first time in the evening to see the sunset at sea. The night under the sea cruise docked in Ha Long Bay for a day, because the Ha Long Bay port is relatively small, Virgo is too large to stop, and stop shuttle tourists with feeder ship on the ocean. When night fell, the other side of the Ha Long Bay lights, very beautiful. Most people will choose to travel by car, train or plane, only a small number of people experienced cruise travel. As a two choice of cruise travel, I think this is a very innovative way to travel.相关的主题文章:

6 year old baby with her 4 year old brother bus expert another spoil things by excessive enthusiasm yvette yates

6 year old baby with her 4 year old brother bus expert: another bus to go out alone spoil things by excessive enthusiasm of the two brothers Chongqing daily chart with "Mathematical Olympiad", "English textual research" the gradual cooling ability more and more parents begin to pay attention to the scores, more mother said in the opposite direction, determined not to let the children in class outside the class, the children must be early into the society, study hard…… But when mothers have boasted about their children’s independence, whether to observe the heart, the child’s independence is the original intention? And let the children early independence, is another kind of spoil things by excessive enthusiasm? The media reported the news that a day more than 7 in the evening, in Chongqing, a bus, a 6 year old child with a child of 4 years old, and no adult. Bus staff did not dare to put the child to the dispatch room. Instead, the child is very calm, clearly told the staff, this is the fourth time he took his brother to take the bus, parents know. The child’s father then came to confirm the child’s statement, saying he was to exercise the child’s independence". Now there is a kind of "education method" gradually popular, cultivate children’s independence as early as possible. More young parents feel the only child "weak character" and "dependent" problems, hope the child exercise ability and quality, especially guard against the tendency itself and the elderly "spoiled, pampered". With the "Mathematical Olympiad", "English textual research" the gradual cooling ability more and more parents begin to pay attention to the scores, more mothers in the opposite direction, said determined not to let the children in class class, especially respected independent education, education of hardship, think this is the only way which must be passed of elite training. Every time the parents proudly declared, "my child was born on their own sleep", "my family to learn from the children do not have to shuttle", often get other parents envious eyes. But is it really good? Lack of love of children, but also can not give others love Rui Rui mother believes in scientific feeding, never spoil children. Rui is 10 years old, almost from birth, she used a variety of methods to train her independence. Ruirui in infancy is alone in a bed, a small room; when hungry to drink milk, to want to buy a doll, to implement the "delay", no pleasure given; the primary school is grade one or two, Ruirui will cross the road to the small supermarket to home "soy sauce, learn from their own home – school is not near, have to transfer buses; a summer vacation is to Ruirui to participate in various training camps, or alone back to their villages, almost all day at home…… Gradually, with the growth of the age, Rui Rui at home also more and more can’t stay. A holiday to go out to play, once at home bored, as if unable to arrange every day. At the same time, the holiday, and mother together becomes more difficult, easy to quarrel conflict; go out together, Ruirui said: even if I a person at home do not go out with you! One summer evening, mom wants to walk with her daughter, Ruirui Ao however repeatedly invited mother, had to get up, but the way of wearing headset to listen to music, walk in the two or three meters in front of the mother, always keep"相关的主题文章:

Gossip secret after turning off mobile phone to read the novel will be blind

Gossip secret: after turning off mobile phone to read the novel will be blind? Source: Baidu know the phone has become an indispensable communication tool in everyday life. With the addition of various features of smart phones, people have become increasingly dependent on a small cell phone can complete the functions of various media. However, many media have repeatedly reported the threat of mobile phones for people’s vision, the most common is that some students use mobile phones in the night after the lights turn to play games, novels, etc., resulting in eye damage. So, this argument is justified? First of all, let’s take a look at the principle of seeing things. The eyeball is an important organ that changes the light signal into electrical signal and then to the brain. Why can we see color? Human beings have a light-sensitive cells called cones, generally divided into three types: S type, M type and L type, respectively, corresponding to blue, green, red light, and our mobile phone screen is not the same? By the way, when three types of cells are stimulated to produce different responses to the brain, we can see things. Second, let’s look at the way the eyes are hurt. The damage of light to the eyes can be divided into two types: light energy and photochemical damage. Heat and light damage, as the name implies, is a sharp rise in temperature caused by the sun, such as the summer to look at the midday sun, or with a lens to illuminate their own eyes. This kind of things besides masochistic tendencies were afraid no one will do? We encounter the glare of the day will be closed directly or covered by the eyes, then the phone? In the darkness at the mobile phone, the light intensity is not strong, we can imagine the fluorescence in the dark bar, just a tiny spots. And our eyes have the ability to adapt to the light and dark, just contact with the dark when you can not see things, after a while you can see the fuzzy. Therefore, we can not judge the intensity of light from the subjective to consider. The daily life of the lighting source, sunlight intensity is much better than the phone, so this article PASS. Well, the rest is photochemical damage. Using a cell phone in the dark to read novels, whether it will cause photochemical damage? In fact, photochemical damage requires long-term accumulation, especially short wavelength blue light damage, such as age-related macular degeneration. However, the blue wavelength of LED mobile phone backlight panel at 460 nm, which belongs to the blue light wavelength is long, relatively speaking, more short wavelength light in sunlight, if the mobile phone can cause damage to the eyes, we live every day in the sun is not more dangerous? That is not to say that using a mobile phone to read the novel has no danger of anything going wrong? In fact, the majority of children are short-sighted, often with incorrect habits are related. For example, long time reading novels, using a mobile phone to play the game, cause eye fatigue; some even if parents blame and secretly watching in the nest, the posture is not correct, close eyes, this is the hidden danger caused damage to the eyes. To sum up, the use of mobile phones to read the novel does not directly cause harm to the eyes, and now there is not enough examples to prove this view. Bad habits of the eye are the source of evil..相关的主题文章: