for consideration and approval by the Cabinet .mittee on Economic Affairs. The TC essentially wants to bring parity between the APM price and the price of the gas produced from KG basin by 2013 in a phased manner. The price of natural gas

Business The recent CSO estimate of Indias GDP for the second quarter of 2009-10 came like a whiff of fresh air amidst the gloomy scenario that was painted last week by the Dubai debt crisis. GDP growth has received its surprising but much-needed impetus from a booming mining and quarrying sector, which grew by 9.5% in the second quarter of 2009-10 as .pared to 3.7% recorded during the second quarter in 2008-09. This has largely been attributed to a bolstering growth in output from Reliance Industries Krishna Godavari (KG) basin, whose gas output alone is expected to shore up Indias GDP by nearly 0.3% every year. Indias natural gas output from domestic fields has now reportedly exceeded the threshold figure of 100 million cubic metres per day (mmscmd) of output as KG D6 has started operating in full swing. The upstream natural gas sector in India is a classic example of duopoly and .prises two major players, namely Reliance and ONGC. Despite holding a couple of big road shows within and outside the country, the much-hyped latest round of NELP could hardly make any perceptible difference in terms of increasing the number of players in the upstream sector. Interestingly, Reliances latest reported output of 50.15 mmscmd from KG-D6 fields in the KG basin surpassed 49.6 mmscmd of natural gas output reported by ONGC, thus making RIL effectively the largest player in the natural gas upstream sector. The lions share of ONGCs gas output .es from its Basin and Mumbai High fields, which reportedly account for 42 mmscmd of natural gas output. A relatively meagre 16 mmscmd of output has been reported from Panna/Mukta and Tapti fields of BG India, which again is a joint-venture between the BG Group, Reliance Group and ONGC. The residual amount .es primarily from the Rawa field, where stakeholders include Cairn Energy and ONGC. RILs natural gas generated from KG basin in Bay of Bengal has heralded almost a new era in Indias energy sector with far-reaching implications for Indias clean energy security, especially in view of the heightened concern for climate change. Reliance has already developed the D-1 and D-3 fields in KG basin and is pursuing a new integrated development plan for its R-series of natural gas finds and nine other satellite discoveries in the D6 block. The .bined potential for these gas finds and satellite discoveries has reportedly been estimated as lying between 2-3 trillion cubic feet. Until the middle of this year, ONGC and its western assets in the Mumbai offshore area have dominated Indias oil and gas industry. However, ONGC is now resorting to a look-east policy as the production of Mumbai has started deteriorating and it is planning to recoup its losses by developing its eastern assets (oil and gas discoveries in the KG basin off the east coast). Moreover, RILs D6 block development in record time has also posed a serious challenge for the public player. Meanwhile, ONGC has also stated on its Web site that a draft proposal on revision of Administered Price Mechanism (APM) gas produced by national oil .panies has reportedly been circulated by MoPNG on the basis of re.mendation of Tariff .mission (TC) for consideration and approval by the Cabinet .mittee on Economic Affairs. The TC essentially wants to bring parity between the APM price and the price of the gas produced from KG basin by 2013 in a phased manner. The price of natural gas, which is produced by public players like ONGC from government nominated blocks, is governed by APM and lies well below the free market price of natural gas. This leads to a substantial loss for them. The loss in the last financial year itself has been reported at Rs 47 billion. Thus, ONGC is expected to benefit considerably if the proposal gets finally approved. Under the proposal, ONGCs APM gas price would be Rs 4,142 per thousand standard cubic metres (mscm) {$2.32 per million British thermal units (mmbtu)}, up from Rs 3,200 mscm ($1.79 mmbtu). This is indeed a wel.e proposition and would provide a big push to the public sector gas producer. However, MoPNG should also get back to its agenda of .plete deregulation of prices of refined petroleum products, especially auto-fuels like petrol and diesel; otherwise after revision of APM gas price, CNG might just lose out on its .petitive edge as a cleaner and cheaper automobile fuel in the cities that are currently receiving it. The development of indigenous source of cleaner and cheaper fuel like natural gas would serve the dual purpose of reducing our unhealthy dependence on imported oil and enhance our clean energy security, besides boosting our GDP. Furthermore, the International Energy Agency also recently reckoned that there would be a continued glut in the natural gas market, which would depress the gas price in the near and medium term. Thus, the international liquefied natural gas producers are expected to look eastwards, especially towards India and China as first ports of call. This would provide a great opportunity to India in reducing its dependence on highly priced imported oil and shift to an environmentally benign fuel, and thus, save largely on its precious foreign exchange. 。

“Thank you for all you do. With love

Arts-and-Entertainment Personalized Wind Chimes: Ideal Gift for Any Occasion Ancient giant bamboo chimes had practical uses such as protecting rice fields from birds and animals. Musical and artistic qualities of wind chimes were refined by ancient Asian civilizations. The Chinese in particular were skilled metal workers and excellent iron refiners. Wind chimes designed by the Chinese were used for religious and ceremonial purposes. The wind chimes were believed to drive off evil spirits while inviting kind spirits. In the nineteenth century tubular bells were used in orchestras. This instrument sparked the perfection and the development of precisely tuned high-quality wind chimes. Modern technology allowed for wind chimes to be precisely cut and tuned so that they can resound ancient or modern musical scales. Multitudes of people have been captivated by the melodic sounds of wind chimes throughout history. Today a garden or patio just isn’t .plete without the harmonious tone of a properly tuned wind chime. Wind chimes are the ideal gift for any occasion. Give that special person a memorable gift that will withstand the weathers of life (literally). Wind chimes made with high quality craftsmanship will enhance any surrounding and leave an impression that will last a lifetime. You can make giving wind chimes more memorable by having them personalized. Personalized wind chimes are perfect for expressing your care in a way that will continuously warm the heart of the recipient. The wind chimes’ graceful, soothing tones will resonate glorious sound while striking a memory of your love through your personalized gift. Special Occasions Tell your mother or wife how much you appreciate all they do with a set of wind chimes that have a personalized message on Mother’s Day. Some message ideas are: "Thank you for all you do. With love, your name," "Eternally grateful. Your loving son/daughter/husband, your name," or "A mother’s love is ever-lasting. Thank you, your name." She will always treasure your thoughtfulness when she hears the wind softly blow the chimes with a gentle breeze. On Valentine’s Day give wind chimes with a personalized note of your undying love and affection to your one and only. A few message ideas are: "Forever yours," "To my one and only," "My Soul Mate," "Be Mine," or "Happy Valentine’s Day." Whatever message you decide on, when the chimes harness the wind as player and .poser it will continue to remind him/her of your happy times together and resound the sweet confession of your love. Personalized wind chimes make a thoughtful wedding gift. Help the bride and groom .memorate their special day with a blessing to them from you. Some message ideas include: "Bride and Groom’s name, wedding date, your name," "Wishing you love and happiness," or "Congratulations on your blessed union." Throughout their years together they will forever be delighted by the melodic sound of the wind chimes and reminded of your heartfelt wishes for them. What better way to help someone add ambiance to their new home than with a personalized set of wind chimes? Wind chimes add character to an atmosphere and make the ideal housewarming gift. They will set off any decor and leave a warm memory of your friendship through the gentle tones adrift in the breeze. There are many ways a person can enjoy wind chimes. You may prefer to hang your wind chimes outdoors where you relax and catch a nap in a hammock, work in your garden, or prepare a romantic dinner on the patio to the soothing peaceful sound of your wind chimes. On the other hand you may prefer to enjoy your wind chimes indoors. One .mon indoor idea is to hang your chimes in a bedroom window and let sweet sounds in the breeze sway you to sleep on a cool spring or hot summer night. Placing wind chimes in your office helps to relieve stress from a busy day. Selection When choosing wind chimes only the highest quality, best sounding chimes will do. Quality and craftsmanship walk hand in hand; where wind chimes are concerned one cannot be without the other. Wind chimes must be clear of tone and resonance to produce a pure sound. The material used will determine the tone and durability. Tempered aluminum chimes and top rings are resistant to cracking or drying, while they produce top quality sound. Redwood and cedar strikers are not likely to rot and they will eliminate harsh overtones in the wind chimes. The strings should be made of a weather resistant material such as Dacron. The wind chimes tubes should be precisely placed so that the striker hits each tube in the musical "sweet spot" or exact middle for the most elegant tones. When having your wind chimes personalized you should make sure your engraving is preserved on a material such as brushed aluminum that will endure any climate and withstand the test of time. Whatever the occasion, whoever the person to receive them, wind chimes are the perfect gift. When you give personalized wind chimes you know it will provide a lifetime of pleasure and be a constant reminder of how important they are to you. 。

Autism And Mercury By

Mercurochrome Is Antiseptic To Rectify Minor Cuts & Scrapes By: Raj Singh | Aug 2nd 2014 – This antiseptic is used largely to fight against the gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria, & other organisms. Tags: Chemicals Used By Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers By: universaloilfield | Nov 28th 2012 – Pharmaceuticals are also referred to as medicine or drugs used for medical treatment and prevention of diseases. Sometimes these drugs are either prescribed by the physician or may be non- prescribed. There are various types of pharma products such as tablets, capsules, syrups, injections, ointments and herbal products avai … Tags: Winter Skin Care Tips For Diabetics By: Amber Humphries | Jan 14th 2011 – Diabetes patients need to take extra care to prevent dry skin and foot disorders associated with their condition. Try out these easy tips to prevent winter weather dry skin. Tags: Autism And Mercury By: Mary Grace Jackson | Jul 26th 2010 – Inquiry into vaccine safety is exploding like never before, even in the popular press. Research coming from dozens of mainstream medical studies can no longer be easily suppressed, as it has been in the past, especially with the prevalence of online information exchange. Tags: General First Aid For Your Dog By: Randy Jones | Sep 29th 2006 – Like young children, puppies are accident prone, some more than others, males ore than females. As they become bolder and more explorative, adolescent dogs get into all kinds of scrapes. By the time they reach maturity, however, all of them will have learned to recognize their physical limitations. In spite of their worldly … Tags:

numerous water features and strategic use of trees. Panks is once again in news due to its design philosophy and giving enjoyable experience to beginners and challenge to experts. Angel Park Golf Club

UnCategorized Golf in Las Vegas is developing very fast. Thirty years back, visitors and locals played for the first time at The Tropicana Golf Course, the place where MGM Grand Hotel and Casino are standing. Monte Carlo and Bellagio Hotels are standing in place of The Dunes course. Some golf courses such as Municipal Golf Course, Craig Road, Sahara Country Club and Winter Wood are still giving golf pleasure to the people and visitors of Las Vegas. At present, there are almost 60 golf courses in and around Las Vegas. But all of them are not in working condition, some of them are under construction and some are on the project table. Even then, the present golf clubs are enough for recreation of the one and half million population city and the visitors from all over the world. Fuzzy Zoeller, Nicklaus, Palmer, Chi Chi Rodriques and Johnny Miller have all designed golf courses here and provided marvelous chances to enjoy golf in Las Vegas. Las Vegas golf courses are all constructed and developed by professionals and all of them played here during tournaments. Aliante Golf Club Las Vegas: Aliante is a challenging and exciting golf course which covers more than 7,000 yards. This Golf course is slightly elevated, which provide unique playing lines and angles and interesting contours. Some of the highlights are generous landing areas, numerous water features and strategic use of trees. Panks is once again in news due to its design philosophy and giving enjoyable experience to beginners and challenge to experts. Angel Park Golf Club: This golf course was designed by Arnold Palmer. You will here get one of the worlds most .plete golf experiences. A lighted range with a green course and full-service clubhouse facilities are available at Angel Park Golf Club. Junior Lessons, Group and Deluxe Golf Schools are available on the official website of Resort Golf Academies. Badlands Golf Club: Chi Chi Rodriguez and Hall-of-Famer Johnny Miller designed Badlands Golf Club. This golf course offers shot values that you cannot find anywhere else. Ball positioning and accuracy are vital if you want to play here. Practice, banquet and clubhouse facilities are available. American Golf’s Nike Golf Learning Center and Ken Venturi Golf School are on site. Canyon Gate Club: Ted Robinson designed Canyon Gate Country golf club located in Canyon Gate .munity of homes. This golf club is full of natural vegetation. Canyon Gate golf course is also home to several water hazards and Robinson trademarked rolling hills. The club offers challenging and interesting golf in Las Vegas. Plan your next vacation for Las Vegas, we are sure you will enjoy golf in Las Vegas. 。

use both. *Serve customers quality Clients need to know about your product and your customer service should reproduce a sincere effort to help clients get what it is they need. The convenience of clients should be put first. Is there a guarantee or a policy for returning items

Business It is vital to stick to your business when the going gets tough because the tough just gets going in the long run. And you have yourself to thank when you discover you are a lot richer now than you were a year or two ago. *Produce a plan This is the fundamental first step when starting a business anywhere. A business plan is important because it defines and determines your strategies and goals in order to fulfill prosperity. *Design your site A web site is what possible clients would be first looking at. A layout and graphics that easily catches the eye make for an easy and fun read. It have to enable the clients to understand more about your product and service and inviting enough for them to spend more than a minute in. Essentially, the site must be simple to navigate and use. Consult with a professional if necessary when considering to launch your site. Though this may require a more than standard fee, the income you may acquire in the long term could more than reimburse for the fee you spend now. *Follow the law Just because you are in the internet is no excuse for you not to follow regulations, local ordinances when it comes to establishing a business. Check to see is you need to have a license or an insurance in your area, city or county. As always, unawareness of the law excuses no one, not even internet business. *Promote, promote, promote It has been said that a product that has no advertising is similar to winking at a girl in the dark wherein you may know what you are doing, but – unfortunately no one else does. Promoting your business is simple. Make sure you register with valid and popular search engines. Try to exchange links and banner ads with other businesses that complements yours. In the money game, no business is an island and everyone is your best and worst friend and enemy. Offline and online advertising works, use both. *Serve customers quality Clients need to know about your product and your customer service should reproduce a sincere effort to help clients get what it is they need. The convenience of clients should be put first. Is there a guarantee or a policy for returning items? Client loyalty is important and loyal clients always come back for more, and they help spread the word too. *It is in the details Details are always important. Make certain to always keep an exact report of your finance, sales and any other inventories. This helps you understand how much profit you are getting, or how less. *Go back to your business plan It is always best if you review and go back to check your business plan once in a while, and see how much or how less are you achieving your business objectives. Revisions may be essential. Relax, it is perfectly okay to see yourself going in a direction different from what you set up to achieve. This may be necessary as you are trying to establish the long term objectives that is best for you. *Be cautious Try to be vigilant of ads that offer quick and instant success, all for a certain fee. Any business, be it online or off, requires time, energy, dedication and hard work. Your money is best invested in a legitimate business than a scheme that promises you to get rich quick. *Understand your taxes It is always best to know what the local government in your area follow in terms of sales tax. Check if the sales tax need to be collected only when goods or services is provided or immediately upon the start of one’s business. All in all, making money on the internet is not as easy as it looks. You need to have perseverance, patience, determination, effort and attention focused on the business. Just because your business is online does not mean you need to virtually handle everything. Hands-on supervision is highly necessary. 。