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The paid collection service is free to express   "last 100 meters" is still the problem of –IT– original title: paid collection service is free to express the "last 100 meters" is still a problem during the day not at home, help a family of online shopping courier collection "just need to". But regardless of the property, from mentioning cabinet is not enough, so many areas in the supermarket, laundry, etc. a print shop store paid courier collection "sideline". Although the convenience of the surrounding residents, but scattered poor collection also caused a lot tucao. After another attempt to standardize the collection of these Internet Co collection management, but whether the collection of fees borne by the consumer dispute. Express the last 100 meters has always been difficult to call the consumer satisfaction. The property, from mentioning cabinet suck Chen who lives near Chaoyang District Xiushui community, Taobao bought something online, she is the choice of home near the "rookie station" free collection point for the delivery address, the class with the pickup code messages get the package. Two recent rookie Chen family do not have near the collection point, it is a network with the downstairs express parcel collection business, but is paid, 1 yuan 1. "Not at home during the day, the total time of shipment, payment collection can only accept ah." Chen said. The name of the newspaper, courier network staff turned to Chen wrapped in a pile of express, do not pick up code, not to sign, you can directly take away. The staff said that the courier collection is not the company’s business, is additional earn a little money, can receive nearly 20 packages, and the courier every day in the course of contacts, are ripe, the recipient is not at home, they are willing to send it. In fact, the district where the canteen, convenience stores, real estate intermediary paid courier collection has become a very common phenomenon, the majority is 1 yuan 1, some big income 2 yuan. "There is no express contract in this collection of property, free collection that is an obligation to help." A residential property staff said. Reporters visited found that the majority of residential property will not provide express delivery business, not to mention those who lost the old district. Even in those with a small number of cabinets from mentioning the District, or the little shop collection. In Chongwen outside the booming city streets Xinyuan District, residential neighborhood on the north side of a courier cabinet, there are about more than and 60 lattice. District residents Ms. Wong said that the courier cabinet is often not enough, but also can not put a large package. "I received two days before delivery, little things, but the courier cabinet are full, the courier said to me the canteen." Paid collection service is free now, courier has become inseparable from the life of a service. The year 2015, the total package in Beijing has reached 1 billion 400 million, the end of December 2015, the average daily number of parcels in Beijing reached more than 5 million. Although the appearance of paid collection courier office workers have made a lot of convenience, but the lack of management of free service and can not make everyone satisfied. "I bought a lot of fruit and sent it in four small boxes."相关的主题文章: