Phil fled to a Super Cup curse Guozu or Xie Xie Lippi (video)-onavo protect

Phil fled to a Super Cup curse Guozu or Xie Xie Lippi? [information] Hengda announced the renewal of Scolari led the team to cut 4 Championship Sports in October 24th 11 contract Tencent won the Super League 6 consecutive years, Hengda soon announced contract with Scolari, the new contract term for 1+1". 1 and a half years as rival coach, Phil led the team has won 2 league titles and 1 AFC Champions League champion, so the results are not inferior to Lippi fox. But the Super Cup at the beginning of 2016 obscure, but almost let Scolari lose the job, if not Lippi "move" as the national football coach, Scolari almost become a "Super Cup curse off super coach G. The Super Cup at the beginning of the year, Hengda 2-0 victory over Suning aspirations, this is the constant brigade in the history of the second Super Bowl champion, although it is only a pre-season nature of the championship, but the team boss Xu Jiayin also took out 3 million yuan bonus. This is just to get the Super Cup champion, for Scolari is not meant to have a good sign, AFC Champions League group phase out early, so that Scolari’s position was precarious, ups and downs in the League also led the team then came outside, Scolari will soon be replaced rumors. Who said the Super Cup will be the coach of the year?! Before the Orangemen signed Lippi, Hengda released August signing the contract with the lifting of fox’s announcement on the official website, also confirm rumors. But Scolari did not like 4 years before the Super Bowl champion coach, was fired early in the middle of the season, or the end of the season after the surrender of the pointer. In 2012, Hengda in Guangzhou University city to 2-1 Lectra TEDA, first won the Super Cup, then led Hengda win is Li Zhangzhu Tieshuai korea. Only the Super Cup and Li Zhangzhu finally achieved the honor of Hengda, Hengda led from playing in a Super League, and the realization of "Kaiserslautern myth" of South Koreans in the 2011 season, the team in the 2012 season of the AFC Champions League group phase adventure after qualifying, also did not return to Guangzhou was announced after class. But to succeed Li Zhangzhu as rival coach Marcello Lippi, after nearly 3 years, led the constant Dalian won 3 league titles, and 1 AFC Champions League titles and 1 FA Cup champion. In 2013, Li Zhangzhu’s "doom" came before sainty (now Suning) head coach Dragan, then led the 2-1 defeat in the celestial sainty Hengda team, get the history of the first championship. But then in the AFC Champions League stadium, Dragan led the team failed to qualify, the super stadium was once more reduced to avoid relegation, only fourth from the FA Cup, only scored 8 failed to further, after the end of the season, Dragan sadly class. In 2014, and the Olympic Sports Center in Guiyang to a 1-0 victory over the reserve team for the team Hengda get the Super Cup, and then led the people and Gong Lei did not escape the fate of school. The 2014 season, Gong Lei led the people and AFC Champions League group phase out, only ranked sixth in the FA Cup, stop 16, this result gives people and is hard to be satisfied, the final end of the season after Lei hand pointer. In 2015, the curse came to Lu相关的主题文章: