Philosophy students with his girlfriend to keep earthworms do not adhere to adhere to the typhoon sopor aeternus

Philosophy majors with his girlfriend raise earthworm typhoon does not go to Beijing optimistic – was born in Guangxi Laibin City a peasant family, first, is not easy to jump out of the farm gate was admitted to the Guangxi University to study philosophy major, after graduation, but did not do a white-collar like everyone expected to stay in the City, but with a girlfriend to Yinhai Beihai District of Pingyang city town with mud playing with a earthworm. From the poor and blank, to buy a house in Beihai to settle down, get married and have children, drive around more than and 10 farmers with rich culture, Wei song only spent more than two years. During this period, he and his wife to start a business not only to face a lot of ordinary people can not imagine the dirty and tired, but also face great technical risk and market risk, but fortunately it all over. "Philosophy allows me to do things that can be seen far away." Wei said that although the cultivation of earthworms with the philosophy of his professional horse, but a lot of things can do a success, with the eyes of the people and the mind is very relevant. Guangxi the first earthworm sold to other provinces of college graduates "philosophy is the most popular, the most difficult employment of professional, only the Guangxi Guangxi University opened this class." Wei said bluntly that the students in the class or PubMed, or learn second professional. During college, Wei Song while learning, while looking for a variety of internship opportunities in the society, human resources, liquor sales, also in the external bank to help pull over loans, selling insurance and tried a variety of jobs, he found that this is not what he wants. After graduating in 2012, Wei first came to Beihai with his girlfriend, at the beginning of a friend to open an agricultural company to work. Under the guidance of the boss of the company, from an early age love to raise birds, turtle Wei Wei suddenly discovered a project he was interested in raising earthworms. Earthworms can be used as medicine, can be used as bait, vermicompost is high quality organic fertilizer, and the cycle of earthworm short, quick, conforms to the social development trend of environmental protection and recycling. Wei side of the work in the company, while going to the surrounding mature breeding base to learn to study, go to bookstores, online search a variety of technical information, took 8 months to prepare for research. At that time, the domestic earthworm farming in the northern region has formed a larger scale, but not many people in Guangxi farming. Because the rainy season in July and August, can be large-scale open-air Tian support, and provide sufficient manure source locally developed animal husbandry for earthworm breeding; and the South all the year round of rain, the earthworm afraid of the rain, must build greenhouses, aquaculture raw materials is relatively limited, which have increased the cost of breeding. After the analysis, the first Wei also found in subtropical region has many unique advantages: Guangxi four high temperature, each year more than the north in a few months, although the overall cost is higher than the north, but the per acre yield is high. Through multi inquiry, he found in Beihai and Qinzhou, the local processing of cassava chips with ethanol residue, especially suitable for use as raw materials for earthworms. Although the preparation is relatively full, but the actual operation is still difficult. Remember the Song Wei, he managed to scrape together twenty thousand yuan to buy back the first batch of seedlings, that evening, a large number of dead, the loss of more than 3000 yuan).相关的主题文章: