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Business It is obvious that like most mobile devices, a PDA is only useful as long as its battery life lasts. When battery levels are low, the PDA is more of a liability. The old models operate on standard alkaline battery, but in todays fast paced age, it is better to use rechargeable batteries as you can always just plug them in to recharge. A cell that is rechargeable and user replaceable is still more preferable. You can then carry a spare or swap it out for a higher-capacity unit, which typically offers double the battery life. It is mostly when you start enjoying additional features like listening to music, watching videos, or connecting wirelessly to the Internet that battery life is at greater risk. Some batteries can last only a couple of hours performing those tasks. The ideal thing to do is to select a model with user-replaceable batteries, though some handhelds are available with internal backup memory to protect your information if the main cell fails. The one disadvantage is that these models tend to be more expensive and are large and somewhat unwieldy. Instead one can pick a model that .es with a .pact wall plug, or buy a travel charger or a third-party USB charger if you’re on the road a lot. It is worth knowing details about the different types of batteries available in the market for your PDA. If you own a PDA, you obviously need PDA battery without which the PDA is purposeless. If you bought your pocket PC from a dealer or the manufacturer, then your machine will in all probability .e with a battery straight out of the box. In many cases you will want to either get a second battery as a standby battery or you want to replace the existing battery with a more efficient one. With today’s .petitive PDA battery prices, it is not difficult to buy a new or additional battery. Now there is more than one type of battery for handheld devices. There are a few technologies that are used to make the PDA battery, and therefore one can expect varying qualities, prices, merits and demerits. You should closely study the different types of PDA batteries and their qualities to help you choose the best type suited for your needs. Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) PDA batteries have been in the market for a very long time. NiCd is of proven quality and most widely used rechargeable batteries. They contain cadmium and have relatively low capacity when .pared to other rechargeable systems. These batteries are quite lowly priced and you can often buy two pieces for the price of one of any other type. There are Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMh) pocket PC batteries. The NiMh technology is a less popular technology available for pocket PCs. No distinct advantage can be cited for using this type of battery. The latest technology for handheld batteries is Lithium Ion (Li Ion) PDA batteries. Li Ion batteries are a relatively new technology and it is believed that they can deliver 40% more capacity than the NiCd battery, and are much lighter in weight. They do not have memory the tendency of NiCD batteries to lose capacity over time and recharges. It is now widely accepted that LiIon is perfect for PDA battery, notebook .puters, cordless phone battery and other handheld devices such as cellular phone battery,Flashligh Battery and Laptop Battery. So no matter if you have a Palm One, an iPAQ, a Blackberry of any other device, this is indeed the right battery. They are of course one of the more expensive rechargeable technologies as they may cost three times more than the NiCd batteries. The only disadvantage this battery is its tendency to explode if subjected to extreme heat or getting drained too fast. The most re.mended source for getting a PDA battery is to buy them online. There are dozens of online stores that will enable you to order the battery you need, in many cases at a lower price than charged by the regular store. In many cases the shipping is free. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: