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"Plastic limit" the implementation of 7 years in the supermarket but let make Sohu press the "plastic limit" effect depends on the citizen and citizen self-discipline, self-discipline depends on the government’s guidance and good policy. According to reports, during the holidays is the use of plastic bags and peak, "plastic limit" implementation in China over the past seven years, the effect is not obvious. In order to reduce the use of plastic pollution, more to promote the use of "bags" "food basket", even the implementation of the "ban", trying to crack the problem of plastic bags. According to the State Council issued the "production and sales restrictions on the use of plastic shopping bags notice", since June 1, 2008, all supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and other retail establishments to implement the system of paid use of plastic shopping bags are not allowed to provide free plastic shopping bags. Unfortunately, this has been difficult to strictly implement the provisions. Statistics show that the annual global plastic total consumption of 4 million tons, 6000 million tons of China consumption. "Plastic limit" provisions of the main purpose of the paid use of plastic shopping bags is to raise public awareness of environmental protection through the price lever adjusting mechanism, encourage and guide the public reasonable use of plastic shopping bags, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, protect the ecological environment. But in many consumers view, compared to the demand of portable plastic bags, the cost of a few cents feeling is not obvious, in many supermarkets, each only sell plastic bags can earn thousands of yuan, the "plastic limit order" and even become to sell plastic bags". "Plastic limit" for more than that, instead of selling plastic bags to earn pours, such embarrassment can cause deep reflection on the social parties. On the surface, "plastic limit" in name only, and even become a "sell plastic bags", mainly due to the implementation of the act to law enforcement, dereliction of duty, violation of rampant manufacturers and other factors, but if deep thinking, they will find some deep-seated reasons. By limiting the use of fees, not the two factors are not considered, one is the price elasticity of demand elasticity, it does have the potential to significantly reduce the use of plastic bags, but the elasticity is small, can only increase the burden on consumers, but can not reduce the amount of plastic bags. Two of consumers pay, will produce compensatory psychological, the use of plastic bags to more confidently, in essence, is to ban environmental protection to draw further apart. At the same time, the "plastic limit order" is a difficulty in the implementation, there is another important reason lies in the absence of supporting measures. At present, the "plastic limit" in the implementation process of the biggest difficulty is substitute for shopping bags price is too high, consumers can not afford. Most alternative to the average price of 3 to 5 yuan, some higher grades, pricing is more expensive. You can imagine, this price is very difficult for ordinary people to accept. The direction is wrong, it may not receive the expected effect. The "plastic limit" effect depends on the citizen and citizen self-discipline, self-discipline depends on the government’s guidance and good policy. But the fact is that the "plastic limit order" issued over the past seven years, we are only in a specific time every year because the media will think of this Law review. The author thinks, in order to solve the "plastic limit" the difficulties faced by the government in addition to good publicity and guidance, we should strictly control the production process, to play.

“限塑令”实施7年名存实亡 却让超市大赚-搜狐新闻  “限塑令”的生效有赖于公民自律,而公民的自律有赖于政府的引导和善意的政策。   据报道,节假日期间是塑料袋使用的高峰期,而“限塑令”在我国实施七年多以来,效果并不明显。为减少使用塑料袋产生的污染,多地提倡使用“环保袋”“菜篮子”,甚至推行“禁塑令”,试图破解塑料袋的难题。   按照国务院办公厅下发的《关于限制生产销售使用塑料购物袋的通知》,自2008年6月1日起,所有超市、商场、集贸市场等商品零售场所实行塑料购物袋有偿使用制度,一律不得免费提供塑料购物袋。遗憾的是,这一规定一直难以严格落实。   有统计显示,全球每年塑料总消费量4亿吨,中国消费6000万吨以上。“限塑令”规定塑料购物袋有偿使用的主要目的是通过价格的杠杆调节机制来提高公众环保意识,引导、鼓励公众合理使用塑料购物袋,促进资源综合利用,保护生态环境。但在很多消费者看来,相比便携的需求,塑料袋几毛钱的成本感受不明显,在不少超市,每年仅出售塑料袋就能赚上千万元,“限塑令”甚至沦为了“卖塑令”。   “限塑令”令行不止,反而让卖塑料袋的赚得盆满钵满,这样的尴尬不能不引起社会各方深刻反思。从表面上看,“限塑令”名存实亡,甚至沦为“卖塑令”,主要归因于法令执行无力,执法部门失职,违规生产厂家猖獗等因素,但如果深入思考,却会发现一些深层次的原因。   通过收费限制使用,有两个因素不能不考虑,一是需求价格弹性,弹性大的话,确实有可能大幅度减少塑料袋的使用量,但弹性小的话,则只能为消费者增加负担,却无法减少塑料袋用量。二是消费者付费以后,会产生代偿心理,使用起塑料袋来反而会更理直气壮,从本质上讲,是与禁塑令的环保目的背道而驰的。同时,“限塑令”之所以在执行中有困难,还有一个重要原因在于配套措施的缺席。目前,“限塑令”在执行过程中最大的难点是替代品环保购物袋价格太高,消费者难以承受。多数替代品平均售价3到5元,有的档次更高,定价也更贵。可以想见,这样的价位很难让普通人接受。   方向错了,就不可能收到预期之效。“限塑令”的生效有赖于公民自律,而公民的自律有赖于政府的引导和善意的政策。但事实是,“限塑令”颁布七年多来,我们只是在每年特定的时间才会因为媒体的回顾想起这条法令。笔者以为,要解决目前“限塑令”所面临的困境,政府除了要做好相关宣传引导外,还应严格控制生产环节,打击违规生产超薄塑料袋的黑作坊,严格监控批发、零售、消费等环节。唯有在严格执行罚则、政府承担责任等多种合力下,才能让“限塑令”令行禁止,深入民心,不再我行我“塑”。相关的主题文章: