Platform exit campus loan market will eventually disappear (video) minmi

Platform exit campus loan market will eventually disappear? Campus loan why usury? The loan market is experiencing a "catastrophe". Fun staging announced seeking to transition out of the campus market, elite loans also plans to upgrade the existing campus loan platform, the Beijing Daily reporter learned that Bai 1000 financial students staging business also cautious off such a business, the market believes that the regulatory pressure, on the other hand, the campus market of bad debts is too high, pushing up the cost of the platform, the erosion the original deserved profits, also made a lot of moving back thinking platform. But the ban has the desire, can not help the demand, the campus loan market will really disappear? During the interview, many people in the industry believe that the campus loan market should not disappear, the future should be how to make the campus loan compliance. In fact, many American students are relying on loans loan interest installments on campus started before the announcement from the campus market to the social credit card users and financial transformation, followed by elite credit upgrade. At the same time, there is news that Bai Qian finance will also stage business campus line. For a time, the campus loan industry paranoia, many people think that this is mainly due to the campus loan market rectification. Recently, the CBRC and the finance office stepped up on the campus of credit regulation, net loan regulations conference held at the end of August, the CBRC spokesman said, intends to take the "five words" regulation policy on campus net loan, "stop, turn, whole, teach, guide". Recently, Chongqing, Guangxi, Shenzhen and Guangzhou and other places, have also introduced rectification measures on campus loans, and many measures are based on the negative list of the main, can see the determination of regulatory remediation. Over the years, entrenched in the campus in the financial field not only has recently attracted much attention of Internet financial companies and commercial enterprises, banks, small loan institutions are also involved. Before 2009, the commercial bank credit card into the campus consumer market, but because the bank is not strict, the students review the repayment ability of students lack of self control ability and consumption of various reasons, the CBRC in 2009 halted commercial banks for credit card behavior for college students, but the market still exists. In recent years, with the development of Internet banking, more and more platforms began to enter the campus market stage, the mutual gold platform except interest installments, installment of music, as well as Jingdong and spend the ant ious chant campus located to serve one of the groups. The focus should be on campus renovation loan platform specification it is understood that the current campus lending platform there are two types: the first is the electricity supplier + finance, consumer scene model based on; the second category is direct cash lending platform. However, due to the lack of effective supervision, thousands of local borrowing, uneven in quality companies will business tentacles of students, some appear in the form of loans in the campus network, some directly in the form of leaflets inside, "naked", "violent collection", "ultra high fines" and "excess credit", "high fees and chaos broke out, seriously disrupting trade order. In the context of increasingly stringent regulation, campus loan platform will gradually disappear? How will they develop? Yan Haifeng, Professor of China Regional Financial Research Center, Nanjing University of Finances and Economics, pointed out that campus loan is essentially a.相关的主题文章: