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Policewoman Hu Yongping resolutely – Jiangxi Channel – "come on people.com.cn! Hurry up! Hurry up……" In September 22, 2016, as usual, Tonggu County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police Li Longhua in captain Hu Yongping’s voice on the road. Hu Yongping work resolutely, working with the police already used her pet phrase, she is like a man of strong character and great courage, everyone called her "brother hu". The day go out and have a harvest, at 9:55 in the morning, Hu Yongping with a team in a clean manner seized together unlicensed driving large trucks illegal cases. Since this year, significantly more than in previous years Tonggu County construction project, part of the project work vehicle to speed up the construction speed, shorten the project construction period, existence, Dora run red light, sand drift and other heavy work, missing light safety phenomenon. In order to strengthen the area of engineering vehicle management, increase involving brand of card, unlicensed driving and other serious traffic violations remediation efforts, a traffic police brigade squadron to strengthen patrol control efforts for road construction, to ensure the smooth and safe traffic along the road. The morning of September 22nd, to a driving Zhejiang A***98 ordinary light trucks traveling to Touhong Jiang Street Road (line repair 97KM) when the squadron of police to stop check. In case of traffic police, to leave a car with a car to escape. Police Li Longhua said: Hu captain saw this man ran in case of investigation, he was afraid of an escaped prisoner, immediately took us a few to go after, this man went to a factory disappeared." The 46 year old Hu Yongping just took people after more than an hour, finally to a catch, the momentum and spirit that colleagues share whatever call her "sister" and "brother". The investigation, driving to a suspected undocumented, the traffic police department made a fine of 1000 yuan, and impose administrative detention for ten days punishment. The original to a department of Weng’an county of Guizhou Province, is a former driver of roller, now copper million high-speed site, the site of the day due to shortage of sand, knowing that without obtaining a driving license to drive on the road, still have chances to battle, only to be seized a shipment of sand. Originally planned to use the eleven holiday home to visit relatives, tickets have been purchased, and now only regret. "Hu brother check violation badly, the worst is she drunk driving" and fire "(Hen Nenggan)" brigade instructor Wang Hongsheng said in recent years, with the rapid growth of the vehicle in Tonggu County, urban road management becomes more and more complex, the brigade hope to have a powerful point, enterprising people to manage, put Hu Yongping from 2011 vehicle business department to on duty on the road. Squadron 12 people, and the task of the order of the group, is a set of people in the sign of the two, the most onerous task. Is to protect the city’s traffic order, but also take into account the exhaust port, Yongning, spa, Weishan Town a rural road patrol control, it is often at night to check drunk driving, a station is three or four hours. Regardless of wind and rain, regardless of heat and cold, and every day she and the young police than dry, in order to work, sleep, and is always the first appointment, the last one to leave the post, a female police do long-term male police do chore, it is not easy." "She is a hard-working and capable, do good police, industry)相关的主题文章: