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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Poly. video conference equipments are the next best thing in video conference solutions providing the most efficient and effective solution to your video conferencing needs including better video quality using the latest in viewing and transmission technologies, increased support to eliminate annoying noise during audio conferencing and an efficient and user friendly global management system that will help you manage video conferencing deployments at other locations helping you .municate efficiently with your clients, customers, business partners or with your management team at offices located in another state or regional office located at the other end of the world. Poly. have traditionally dominated the video conferencing solutions arena because of their innovative designs in making teleconferencing a much smoother affair. Now you dont have to bother about disconnections during calls, or the conventional problems associated with audio conferencing including voice distortions, echoes and static. Poly. video conference systems incorporate of the use of Echo Cancellation and Siren 14 technologies that eliminates all such problems dealing with audio and video conferencing by filtering out noise and static and delivering crisp and clear audio sound. The Siren 14 system, specifically targets the issue when more than one person is speaking into the audio conferencing unit making it less painful to follow through with the teleconferencing session. As regards video conferencing systems, Poly. employs high definition (HD) technology bringing you the crystal clear clarity and crispness that .es with high definition technology. Supporting resolutions of above 1920 x 1080p, Poly. video conferencing solutions make it easier to .municate giving you the illusion of real life .munication with the person you are conversing with. The video systems use .mon video standards for video transmission across different networks proving Poly. flexibility in video management. Poly. video conference systems also support a wide array of network interfaces including IP (LAN, DSL, Cable modem), a single 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, Optional ISDN QBRI (Basic Rate Interface) Module, Optional ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) Module T1/E1. It also has support for a number of network features including SIP support (session initiation Protocol), integration with Cisco Systems CallManager, down speeding over IP and ISDN, audio and video error concealment over IP and ISDN, IP address conflict warnings, fast connect IP for quick video connections. All of these are designed to facilitate more options regarding flexibility and maintainability. In connection with user friendliness, Poly. video conference systems support a user friendly graphical interface, a customizable home screen, user selectable camera icons and ring tones and up to 99 percent user defined camera presets. It also provides you a speed dial listing capability to easily access your main contacts in the most efficient manner without wasting much time to instantly connect you for video conferencing. Poly. systems also provide you with directory services with over 4000+ number global directories and 1000+ number local directory and an unlimited multiple point entry system. Poly. video conference systems are the preferred choice of millions thanks to their ability to satisfy every customers needs and requirements in the most efficient way as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: