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Pregnant women who are engaged in the profession, prone to premature birth – Sohu maternal and child health and maternal pregnancy pregnant women have a certain relationship. Experts warned that there are three kinds of pregnant mothers prone to premature birth. Prone to premature birth, three kinds of pregnant mother, the mother of 1 long standing pregnant mother, nurse, stewardess, etc.. Need long time standing mothers, prone to backache, varicose veins, edema and other blood flow problems, if there is a long-term work pressure, and then, the possible risk of preterm birth. 2 pregnant women who need to walk for a long time, such as business people, journalists, field staff, etc.. Simply take a walk at the mother is a good exercise, but if we often walk, and always hurry to walk, but also think the psychological performance pressure, will lead to involuntary contraction of the uterus, the cervix is easy to open, may lead to premature birth. 3 life is not normal pregnant mother such as doctors, air hostesses, police, media workers, etc.. The study found that higher in the "non" work on daily women had the chance of miscarriage. The fixed night shift workers relative risk is 1.63 times the regular day shift workers, three shifts for 1.49 times on daily business. The number of weeks of preterm birth and fetal growth is also more frequent in shift workers. The signs of premature nine acid: a burst of backache, fatigue. Two fall: the lower abdomen with a sense of falling. Three secretion: vaginal secretions become more or mixed with red blood. Four tight: regular or persistent abdominal tension. Five pain: the emergence of the rules of labor pains, and the frequency of increasingly dense. Six: don’t feel fetal movement suddenly become more or less. Seven pull: diarrhea or intestinal colic increased. Eight red: there is obvious bleeding phenomenon. Nine broken water: the phenomenon of broken water. The mother if there are signs of premature birth, should rest for 1 to 2 hours, it has improved after the break, as long as they pay more attention to observation; if the rest did not ease, even aggravate the situation, have to do a detailed inspection to the hospital immediately.相关的主题文章: