Ready Conference Plus Conferencing Services Offered By Pgi-didadi

Communications In todays business environment, conferencing services just make sense. Many employees are out on the road, working from remote offices and/or spread over multiple time zones, which can make getting everyone together at the same time extremely difficult. By hosting an audio, video or web conference, you not only save time and your sanity, but also money because you eliminate the need for your participants to travel. Audio conferencing, in particular, is frequently used among businesses of all sizes for regular staff meetings, sales presentations, quarterly reviews, shareholder meetings, communicating with satellite offices, etc. For only pennies per minute you can collaborate with one to one hundred or more participants from the comfort and convenience of your desk. Many providers also now offer their conferencing services on your tablets and smartphones, which makes staying in contact with your team even easier. ReadyConference Plus from PGi is an audio conferencing solution that lets you connect and collaborate with up to 125 of your customers, colleagues and employees. And because ReadyConference Plus is reservationless and available 24/7, you are free to meet with your participants whenever you would like. Each ReadyConference Plus participant receives a dial-in number and passcode to enter a meeting. Hosts are given a unique passcode to enable all available features, including: Participant roll call Disconnect all participant lines In addition to the above mentioned features, ReadyConference Plus allows you to customize your conference even more. Choose from participant entry and exit tones (silent, tone, and announce name), participant count, and Billing Reference Number (BRN), which lets you set up unique identifiers for each call for specialized billing. If you dont want your conference to begin before the host arrives, you have the option to keep participants on music hold until the host joins the conference and/or end the conference if the host does not arrive within 7 minutes of the conference start time. You also have the option of providing your participants with listen-only passcode, typically used in larger meetings, which would only allow them to hear the conference. For more information on ReadyConference Plus conferencing or additional conferencing services offered by PGi, give us a call today. Our team works with the leading providers of audio, web and video conferencing in Irvine and surrounding areas and can help you find the perfect solution for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: